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Bomb Jack II
Bombjack II
Bomb Jack II + Bomb Jack

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BOMB JACK II Watch Out! Jack's back! Our superhero Bombjack is here again in comic caper of the tactical kind! This time, armed and deadly - ready for combat. Use the stab key to fight your way through the reptile infested lava pit and on into outer-space. Have you got what it takes? Have you got the mental agility to outwit the enemies and collect the treasure in over 40 fiendishly complicated settings? Collect them in the right order and get a bonus Jack. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Spectrum (Cassette) LOAD "" Amstrad/Schneider (Cassette) RUN "ELITE" Amstrad/Schneider (Disc) RUN "ELITE" Commodore 64/128 (Cassette) SHIFT & RUN/STOP Commodore 64/128 (Disc) LOAD"*",8,1 Commodore C16 (Cassette) LOAD "ELITE" BBC/Electron (Cassette) CHAIN " " BBC (Disc) SHIFT & BREAK PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS Spectrum Up - Q Down - A Joysticks Left - N Kempston Right - M Interface II Stab - X Cursor Commodore 64/128 Up - Q Down - A Left - N Or Right - M Joystick Stab - X Port 2 Abort - Restore Amstrad/Schneider Up - Q Down - A Left - N Or Right - M Joystick Stab - X Commodore 16 Joystick Port 1 Pause - F1 © - Elite Systems Ltd. - 1986 All rights reserved worldwide. Unauthorised copying, lending, broadcasting or resale without the express written permission from Elite Systems Ltd. is strictly prohibited. Guarantee: This software product has been carefully developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Please read carefully the instructions for loading which are included. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program, and believe that the tape is defective, please return it directly to the following address: Customer Services Dept. Elite Systems Ltd., Anchor House, Anchor Road, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8PW England. Telex: 336130 ELITE G Our Quality Control Department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement at no extra cost. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights. © Copyright Elite Systems Ltd. 1986

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