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Your lifeforce fades ..... the visions dim. All that remains are the tenuous memories. You recall a time of tranquility and contentment in the bosom of your family. Lost forever, through treachery and greed, when your land was engulfed by the forces of evil. You even remember the sound of your own screams as you were repeatedly tortured by the 'Abomination' and its insane minions. You remember the period of 'limbo' that followed, the timeless waiting, the frustration and the need for revenge. But all this was before the legendary 'CHAMPIONS OF CHRONOS' recruited you to fight in the 'Great Temporal Struggle'. A task that you found impossible to refuse, a task that sparked off that indomitable urge to succeed. The land of Dagda was the first 'rebirth' and deep down you know that there are others, or will be, for such is the existence of the 'traveller in black', the one they now call ..... PHOENIX. Once again you feel the need for help, so powerful that it crosses the barriers that cannot be crossed, allowing you yet again to be summoned to a time and a place not of your own. You feel the pain of the 'rebirth' and when you open your eyes ................. PHOENIX Notes: ----- This game will support all the 'normal' commands such as EXAMINE THE ROBE or THROW THE SPEAR or OPEN THE GATE. It is also possible to link more than one command by the use of the word AND .. e.g. PICK UP THE BONE AND EXAMINE IT. Whilst the use of the word IT is also useful when referring to the last named object ... e.g. TAKE THE MEAT AND EAT IT. In order to keep a record of your progress throughout the game it is advisable to use the normal SAVE and LOAD commands to store a 'game-position' on the medium of your choice ... i.e. Tape users to tape, disk users to disk. However you can also use RAMSAVE and RAMLOAD to store and recall a position to memory. This is only a short term storage however and more permanent records should be made to TAPE or DISK. "The time for struggle is upon you and the 'Abomination' and its insane minions await your arrival, so gather your strength and compose your thoughts for it is time to do battle with those who must be destroyed. The 'Champions of Chronos' look to you, continue to uphold their beliefs and do your utmost to succeed in the 'Great Temporal Struggle' .." Zenobi Software Adventures

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