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Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter

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They don't come much tougher than you. Which is really lucky, because going after the four hardest, ugliest, trigger happy maniacs in the west, ain't a job for the weak! It's your job to "bring to justice" JACK NIKOLAT, CHARLES BRONKAN, CLINT WESTWOOD, and the infamous KODAK!!! Cowboys and indians attack you at all times and can be shot. Guns can be found, and will give you better fire power. Ammo can also be found to replenish your dwindling supply of bullets. You must head for the railway line and stop the train the bad guy is on. You can shoot the bandits on the train, but watch out they shoot back. At the front of the train you have to shoot the emergency stop button. You must then confront the villain. Be quick!! Shoot him before he gets the chance to shoot you!!! CONTROLS KEYS JOYSTICK KEMPSTON MOVE UP Q UP UP MOVE DOWN A DOWN DOWN MOVE LEFT O LEFT LEFT MOVE RIGHT P RIGHT RIGHT SHOOT SPACE FIRE FIRE Press "C" to change controls. Press "Z" to quit and "ENTER" to pause the game. HINTS * Try to conserve ammo * Watch out for snipers * Pick up the gun as soon as possible * Pick up the money bags for more score Design & Coding Optimus Software Graphics Adrian Ludley Music Lydon Sharp Project Manager Tim Miller Production Stew Regan/ Shan Savage Illustration Rod Walker

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