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Dead On Time

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_______________________________________________________________________________ DEAD ON TIME _______________________________________________________________________________ LOADING: To load type RUN" and press ENTER / RETURN. Each side of the tape contains two copies of Dead On Time. The first uses a normal speed loader and the second uses a fast loader. The tape also contains a playable demo of Star Sabre (after the second version of Dead On Time). INSTRUCTIONS: Your goal is to last as long as possible in ARCADE mode, or score as much as possible in the SCORE CHALLENGE mode. Shooting an entire wave will drop a CAPSULE of the same colour as the wave. Collect the CAPSULE for a 3 second time extension. Collect 3 of the same colour in a row to trigger the BULLET FIELD. The BULLET FIELD allows you to absorb enemy bullets of the same colour for an 8 second time extension. The BULLET FIELD lasts for 10 seconds. Being shot by a bullet you cannot absorb costs 2 seconds. Colliding with an enemy or a super bullet costs 5 secs. The time modifiers apply to game time in Arcade mode and to the run time of the Bullet Field in Score Challenge mode. An active Bullet Field also boosts the score MULTIPLIER. Starting a new field doubles the MULTIPLIER. Absorbing a bullet increases it by one. MULTIPLIERS stack if a new Field starts while a Field is already active. As you shoot enemies, your gun POWER meter increases. When the meter reaches a new colour segment, your gun will gain a higher rate of fire. Collisions with enemies will reduce the meter by a whole segment. Being shot by a bullet you cannot absorb will reduce the meter by half a segment. CONTROLS: Joystick or keys: Q, A, O, P and SPACE or CURSOR KEYS and SPACE. CREDITS: Game Code and Graphics by Paul Kooistra Sound Code and Music by Targhan Artwork by Matthew van Rooijen Loading Screen CPC Conversion by Sylvestre Published in 2010 by Psytronik Software www.psytronik.com

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