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Vampire And Priest


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Vampire and priest Adam Murray, +---------+ 12 AD Regt., | Amstrad | BFPO 20. +---------+ VAMPIRE AND PRIEST is a two-player game for the Amstrad CPC-464 and occupies just over 8K. It makes use of both sound and graphics with the latter being in Mode 0 - low resolution with 15 colours. The game itself is written entirely in Amstrad Basic and is explained with the use of remark statements which can be left out when typing in the program. Full instructions of how to play the game are provided within the program as is an option to change the skill level. Provisions have been made for each player to use a joystick but with a few simple changes any keyboard/joystick layout is possible. This is how you do it. Turn to appendix III page 16 of the user manual which should show a picture of the keyboard with appropriate values written on the individual keys. Now look at lines 110 and 120. These hold the values of the keys to be used, and can be changed to your own choice. Initially they are set to use joysticks. The variable names are short but meaningful, e.g. VU% = key to use to move vampire up, PF% = key to use as fire for priest etc. The routine between 500-630 is a simple fill routine and could be placed outside the program if the following parameters are passed: x%-X co-ord to start filling from, y%-Y co-ord to start filling from, c%- the colour to use in filling the area. In this case it must be the same as the outline of the shape. This could easily be changed to suite your own purposes. I have used this routine to fill the church and castle at the start of the game and although slow does not need to be repeated after every game. If all is well there should be a tuneful version of Greensleeves playing in the background. This is achieved simply by using the interrupts in the form of ON SQ(?) Gosub. I think this program demonstrates what can be done with Locomotive Basic and without special techniques.

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