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Captain America - Defies The Doom Tube
Captain America in : The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann

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_________________________________ / \ | C A P T A I N TM | | A M E R I C A DEFIES THE | | DOOM TUBE OF | | DR MEGALOMANN | \_________________________________/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO LOAD CBM64/128 Cassette Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys simultaneously then press PLAY on the cassette recorder. CBM64/128 Disk Type LOAD"*",8,1 and press RETURN. Spectrum Cassette Type LOAD"" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder. Amstrad CPC Cassette Press CTRL and SMALL ENTER. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder. Amstrad Disk Type RUN"DISK and press ENTER. Game will load automatically. Atari ST Disk Insert disk in disk drive and turn on the computer. The fourth of July, the whole of America is geared to the biggest celebration since the bicentennial. At dawn, however, the President has an unwelcome visitor - a figure clad in black who has decided to celebrate this day in a way that's not beneficial for the rest of the nation, a way that could mean the end of the United States of America, a slow, agonising end for the entire population! The visitor is Doctor Megalomann a man who was supposed to be dead! (His death was well documented by the CIA in Cuba during the early sixties.) Dr. Megalomann has waited a long time to get his revenge, and his time has come, he issues his ultimatum, either the president relinquishes his high office and passes his supreme power over to the Doctor, (thus condemning the population to suffer Megalomann's insanity of self-exhaltation) or the unsuspecting nation will be plunged into the kind of terror and suffering that made Dr. Megalomann the world's most WANTED man prior to his reported death. For over twenty years Megalomann has been preparing a deadly missile, its warhead contains a genetic virus, the seeds of human destruction and it is primed and targeted at North America. The president has until midnight to stand down and pass his authority over to this impossible ruler, if this is not done then the missile will be launched, America will die! An emergency meeting of the security council is called and it is decided that the only course of action is to attack the headquarters of Dr. Megalomann, believed to be sited in an underground bunker in the Mojave desert, disarm the missile and destroy the deadly virus. OPERATION 'MOLE' The Mole report is a debriefing of Corporal Deegan, the only survivor of an unsuccessful assault on the headquarters of Dr. Megalomann, hereinafter referred to as the 'Doom Tube'. In the early hours of July 4th a crack squad of elite marines gained access to the Doom Tube. One hundred men were assigned to the mission as a result of a priority ONE directive via the president. The mission was a disaster, no-one had envisaged the difficulty of fighting off hundreds of megacyborgs, trying to crack the entry code into the missile control quadrant and at the same time ensuring that individual immunity levels were high enough in order to stay alive in an atmosphere that had been deliberately contaminated with an airborne virus. The Doom Tube's toxicity was responsible for the vast majority of fatalities. Corporal Deegan is the only reliable intelligence as to the conditions and hazards of the Doom Tube. DOOM TUBE Fundamentally three gigantic cylinders one within the other, the whole metallic structure being sunk deep beneath the desert. Internal dimensions are unknown, the surface diameter is approximately 100 metres. The tube houses various decks, each contain rooms referred to as Quadrants. Each Quadrant emits a high level of psionic energy, in addition to having its own megacybo guards, all of whom are deadly. (The description of the tube was given to our investigators and leads them to believe that the missile would be sited at the bottom of the central tube below the lowest deck. Access is thought to be via an enormous vault.) N.B. No member of the assault team was able to penetrate further than the second deck. THE ORBIVATOR An elevator or more precisely an Orbivator, is housed between the outer cylinder and middle cylinder or outer wall of the quadrants. The quadrants themselves seem to be in continual rotation. This rotation allows the Orbivator doors to lock onto a quadrant entrance thus allowing access. Selecting a deck and quadrant is achieved by using the large computerised lever on the right hand side of the Orbivator control panel, until the Orbivator is ENGAGED none of the panel's four control buttons will function at all! Our men were able to crack the entry code to operate the computer information system moments before they were ousted, this system should still be available for use should a further assault attempt be made. Corporal Deegan stated the following:- The contamination (or toxicity) on DECK ONE was very high. On entering this deck it was noted that the contamination suits' Garmax gauges were peaking into the red. The assault team split into groups, those who descended to the lower decks never returned. It may be assumed that the lower anyone descends into the tube the more likely they will be subjected to intolerable levels of contamination. THE QUADRANTS My orders were to 'search and destroy' on Deck One. The first quadrant we entered was full of strange metallic cybos, they attacked with some sort of toxic booms, men were dropping like flies all around me, their screams were terrible. We managed to destroy the cybos then a massive rotator descended on us. Two men were fried as it touched them. I managed to blast the thing and this seemed to set off some sort of chain reaction, just as it disappeared it flashed 'code word'. We couldn't work this out but it seems to have something to do with one of the monitor quadrants that we broke into later, I'm sure it must be the code to access the vault. In another quadrant, we nick-named the Doom Pods, there was a sealed compartment, we blasted at the doors until they opened, a Doom Pod floated out, it was from this that we obtained the raw 'Ying' and 'Yang' - the essential ingredients to produce an immunity anti-toxin in the convertor quadrant. The Doom Pod was so called because it sometimes produced a red toxic boom, these shoot straight at you. I saw one man who was hit, slump to the floor, his split body oozed and bubbled! Deck One Quadrant Four was the end of our mission. This is what we called the convertor quad. The cybos here home in on you, if you touch them they just burn you up, if you destroy them, more take their place. We found that by touching certain panels in this quadrant we could start the convertor working. Ying and Yang receiver plates would emerge from the rear wall of the quadrant. If we placed sufficient raw ingredients in both side receiver plates we were able to produce Dr. Megalomann's own anti-toxin. However, we just couldn't make it fast enough, when finally my buddy Joe died I decided to get out of it.... All I left behind was carnage! Our Toxicology dept has managed to produce a vaccine which will give an increased immunity against the virus, but it must be advised that this immunity is unreliable and short-lived, access to Dr. Megalomann's own supply of vaccine must be a priority in order to complete the task of aborting the missile launch. REPORT END THE SECOND ASSAULT The abortive assault has lost the president valuable time, the 12 o'clock deadline is only hours away. Using his personal hotline, he summons the defender of the Constitution to the White House. Responding instantly to his country's call Captain America boards the Avenger's sky cycle and arrives for a full briefing. After nearing all the gloomy details Captain America offers to try a one man assault on the Doom Tube in a final effort to defeat the insane Megalomann and prevent the genocide of the American nation! The man who is the symbol of freedom and the American dream, leaves for the Doom Tube knowing that trying to immobilise Megalomann's missile will be the toughest task of his career. It won't be easy, but if you wanted things easy YOU wouldn't be CAPTAIN AMERICA! CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Captain America REAL NAME: Steve Rogers OCCUPATION: Freelance Artist LEGAL STATUS: American citizen FORMER ALIASES: Nomad PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City MARITAL STATUS: Single GROUP AFFILIATION: Former member of the Invaders Former partner to Falcon Current member of Avengers BASE OF OPERATIONS: New York City Height: 6'2". Weight: 240lbs. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Blonde. Physical Details: Super-Soldier serum has heightened Captain America's physical form to the pinnacle of human perfection (see document 4500 for further information). He has athletic ability, strength, speed and endurance superior to any Olympic athlete. He is extremely agile for a person of his musculature. His endurance is phenomenal since the serum eliminates the build-up of fatigue-producing lactic acid in his muscles. His reaction time is almost ten times faster than a normal man. Captain America is the ultimate human combatant. WEAPONS Shield: Captain America carries a shield 2.5 feet in diameter and weighing 12 pounds. It is constructured of a unique Vibranium-Adamantium alloy (see documentation with reference to Dr. Myron McLain). The shield, because of its Vibranium-derived properites, is even stronger than pure adamantium. It has great aerodynamics, able to slice through the air with minimal wind resistance and deflection of path. Its great overall resilience, combined with its natural concentric stiffness, makes it capable of rebounding from solid objects with minimal loss of angular momentum. The shield is virtually indestructible, resistant to any method of penetration, extreme of temperature, or radiation, the only way it can be damaged is by tampering with its molecular bonding using the only form of energy it does not deflect; psionic. Recent modifications to the shield have included a minute homing device, this allows Captain America to call the shield back, providing that the local psionic emisions are within tolerance levels, which unfortunately isn't always the case in the Doom Tube! If you lose your shield, you're as good as dead. Cybo Grenades: These grenades are a recent development which allow close-quarter use of an explosive device. The grenades have been designed to destroy electronic circuits by de-molecularising them, leaving organic tissue unharmed. The grenades are only effective if used at close range. Press SPACEBAR to activate grenades. CLOSE DOCUMENT ASSAULT TACTICS 1. Plug the joystick in port 2 (rear port). Joystick 8 directional movement controls Captain America. 2. Outside of the Orbivator control panel press FIRE to throw the shield, once in-flight the FIRE button will activate the homing device, until the shield lands or is lost off-quadrant. The shield may be thrown diagonally if FIRE is pressed whilst running in that direction. On the Orbivator control screen use the FIRE button to engage and select the quadrant lever and to push the system buttons. 3. Cybo-grenades may be used for close combat, they are detonated by pressing the SPACE BAR whilst moving into the target cybo (see Mole Report). Remember both supplies of shields and grenades are limited. (Although there are ways to replenish your supplies, if you can find out how!) 4. Always check the quadrant information before leaving the safety of the Orbivator control panel (this is the game start position). Always check that your immunity is above the Decks' Toxicity level... else you DIE! 5. Press F1 if you can't stand it anymore! 6. Remember, this is REAL-TIME... IT'S LIMITED!!! 7. If you haven't done so already, READ ALL OF THE REPORTS! Data update, firing shield at both Cyborgs will open doors. CONTROLS SPECTRUM 48K/128 AMSTRAD CPC UP - 1 UP - 1 DOWN - 2 DOWN - 2 LEFT - 9 LEFT - CLR RIGHT - 0 RIGHT - DEL FIRE - N/M/CAPS FIRE - ; BOMB - SPACE GRENADE - SPACE PAUSE - P PAUSE - P UNPAUSE - Q UNPAUSE - ESC GOOD LUCK CAPTAIN! © 1987 MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP INC. All rights reserved. CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE DISTINCTIVE LIKENESS THEREOF IS A TRADEMARK OF MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AND IS USED WITH PERMISSION. Manufactured and distributed under license from Marvel Entertainment Inc., by Go! Media Holdings Ltd., Units 2/3, Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7KA. Tel: 021 356 3388. Copyright subsists on this program. Unauthorised broadcasting, diffusion, public performance copying or re-recording, hiring, leasing, renting and selling under any repurchase scheme in any manner is prohibited. Reproduction or extracts of the artwork herein not to be used without written permission of Go! Media Holdings Ltd.

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