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Captain Kidd
Capt'N Kidd


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Manual n° 2

CAPTAIN KIDD Amstrad 464 (c) Bug-Byte By denis Talbot Production by M.c.Lothlorien Conversion by Phil Coombes LOADING INSTRUCTIONS -------------------- 1. Place tape in datacorder. Rewind tape. Press "CTRL" and the small "ENTER" key simultaneously. Follow the prompts on the screen. The treasure Trail starts here... --------------------------------- In all, the infamous captain Kidd laid ten traps to catch would be treasure hunters. Each one gets more and more difficult. If you are slow, or faint-hearted don't bother. The aim is to defuse the bombs in each area of the trail. You only have so much time before they go off. Mind out, don't touch any of the Skull and Crossbones as that means certain death. To defuse the Bombs simply pass over them. You can't scroll the screen sideways but not vertically. As for the Boots, well enough said, just try and see what happens if you get too close. By the way - they are intelligent, but they can be trapped. Game controls ------------- Q = left O = up A = down P = down ESCAPE = Abort/Restart SPACE + Q or A = Horizontal scroll DELETE = Pause/Restart TAB = Music On CAPSHIFT = Music off Joystick option ; horizontal scroll by pressing fire button and pushing the joystick left or right. On the right of the screen you will see the score, the number of lives and the time you have left, and the level you are on. The game looks simple but don't be deceived...

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