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Trap 'Em

Manual n° 1

Real size : 927 * 1289 px = 272.17 Ko

Manual n° 2

Real size : 2092 * 2388 px = 724.23 Ko

Manual n° 3

TRAP 'EM Renny Garderet springs an Amstrad ambush to alienate the aliens. THE AIM of the game is, by pushing blocks around, to trap the three aliens who are trying to get you. Once an alien is trapped it dies, and can be ignored or squashed, and when all three are dead, you move to the next level - faster aliens and less blocks. Your man is controlled with a joystick or the cursor keys and by pressing the fire button or space bar, you can move around faster. The arrow on the score level indicates the high-score. First type in listing 1 - save it before running as the machine will probably reset. Next type in listing 2, run it, correct the errors and save it directly after listing 1 using: SAVE"CODE",B,36980,924 Rewind the tape and load the game normally. [Listing 1, as published in Your Computer, contained a bug which meant that the screen moved upwards at the start of the game, and the game would not play properly. This has been fixed by amending line 70: 70 CALL MAIN has been amended to 70 LOCATE 1,1:CALL MAIN]

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