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Climb It
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Real size : 1182 * 1200 px = 144.21 Ko

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CLIMB-IT TYNESOFT COMPUTER SOFTWARE CLIMB-IT has 4 magnificient screens of superb graphics action in solid machine code. You are a heroic young man who has to rescue his girlfriend who has fallen into the clutches of a giant monkey. To reach your sweetheart, you must climb ladders, take rides or lifts and conveoyrs, avoiding barrels, fires, pies and boucing beams. On reaching the fourth screen you have the chance of rescuing your beautifyl girlfriend. LOADING: To load press the CTRL key and the small ENTER key on the numeric key pad. CONTROLS: Z = LEFT X = RIGHT K = UP M = DOWN SPACE = JUMP You can also re-define your keys using any keys except ESCAPE, DELETE and ENTER keys. To set up your joystick, take the re-define option and press the joystick in the direction of the prompts given on the screen. CLIMB-IT (c) Copyright 1984 by TYNESOFT Unauthorised copying, lending, hiring, public broadcasting, transmission or distribution is prohibited without express permission of Tynesoft. Tynesoft Computer Software Addison industrial Estate Blaydon Tyne & Wear NE21 4ZE

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