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Sub Hunter

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SUB HUNTER - AMSTRAD CPC ======================== LOADING (DISK): =============== To load type RUN"DISK and press ENTER / RETURN. LOADING (TAPE): =============== To load type RUN" and press ENTER / RETURN. This .zip file contains two versions of the game. One features the intro sequence and then the game, the other is quick-loading version of just the main game. THE STORY: ========== A government experiment gone wrong turns into a cover-up attempt and waste from the experiment is dumped deep out to sea. The "cover-up" though has a dramatic effect on the aquatic life, swimmers go missing and the seas spiral out of control. It is down to you and your war sub to save the ocean and those who are lost. You are the SUB HUNTER! CONTROLS: ========= Joystick or keys: Q, A, O, P and SPACE or CURSOR KEYS and SPACE. • For 10 levels you must save 5 swimmers. • Levels 2,8,15 & 22 - Destroy groups of subs and fish to clear the way for the swimmers to get safely through. • Levels 3, 9, 16 & 23 - Save divers trapped on the sea bed. • Levels 11,18 & 24 - Shark attack! Can you survive? • Final level - Destroy the mother mutant shark. • Bonus levels - Collect diamonds for bonus points. CREDITS: ======== CPC Conversion by Paul Kooistra Music by Hervé Monchatre Based on a game by Frank Gasking & Richard Bayliss Published in 2011 by Psytronik Software www.psytronik.net

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