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The Curse Of Sherwood

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CURSE OF SHERWOOD Sherwood Forest has been taken over by the evil and ruthless Cult of Sagalia. Robin and his men fight on bravely, but the odds are stacked against them. You, as Friar Tuck are their only chance of survival. Solve the clues hidden in the rhyme and destroy the evil force. For fire protection you must amass Werewolves fangs and a Scrying glass Then travel through the misty wood To take them to the Witch of Good From the man of solitary means A parchment guide is what you need Without it you may go astray And in the forest lose your way To buy the means to safety walk A fiery monster you must stalk He holds the price with precious metal Convey to the hermit without much fettle A silver cross must be found Before you feel safe and sound On the pentagon it must be dropped And the portal or evil will be stopped The solution lies in the rhyme. Study it carefully. To pick up an object walk over it. CONTROLS Joystick or Keyboard. LEFT - Z DOWN - L RIGHT - X FIRE - SPACE UP - P 180 DARTS You are now the proud owner of the one and only REAL darts game around. 180 has eight tough computer opponents waiting to take you on in the one player option, or a two player option for when your friends want to join in. It also has a practice game for you to improve your skills. We suggest you try the practice game first, it is there to help you become more skilful at throwing the darts. Practise against the clock. You have to hit each number in sequence from 1 to 20, in a limited time. In the main game you have to see who can score 501 first, on a best of three basis. To finish you must throw a double. The bullseye in the centre of the board counts as double 25. CONTROLLING THE THROW Joystick is recommended, but if you use the keyboard follow the on screen instructions to define your own choice of keys, and also to choose your joystick interface. Push to start the hand in motion. You will notice very quickly that up, down, left, and right don't work! Only diagonal movement are responded to. Press fire to throw. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS 464: Press CNTRL and small ENTER 644/6128: Type |TAPE and press ENTER Press CNRTL and small ENTER - Tape. Run 'Disk' MASTERTRONIC IS A MEMBER OF THE MASTERTRONIC GROUP OF COMPANIES The program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Mastertronic and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Mastertronic. All rights reserved. (C) Mastertronic Limited 1988 Made in Great Britain Design: Words & Pictures Ltd., London

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