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Note for AMSTRAD users ---------------------- The AtLast I database program needs a minimum TPA of 52K. On unexpanded AMSTRAD computers it will therefore run only under CP/M Plus. 1. Keys You will need to set up a key definition file for SETKEYS to make best use of the keyboard commands. The file ATLAST.KEY contains some example settings. Please note that the ESC key, for instance, will not generate the escape code until it has been set up. To set the keys, enter the CP/M command: A>SETKEYS ATLAST.KEY 2. Screen On the CPC6128, the BIOS status line is enabled. AtLast therefore uses a 24x80 display. 3. Setting up operating discs Unless you have a second disc drive, you will need to operate with two separate disc sides, one to contain the DBDEF code files (COM + 00?) and temporary database definition files and the other to contain the DBUSE code files (COM + 00?) and the full database. In normal use, you will only need the DBUSE disc. The DBDEF disc will only be necessary when defining or editing the database definition. If you have two drives, you will normally operate with the code files on one drive and the database files on the other. 4. Data space With either two disc drives, or a 'memory' (M:) drive, you can use the whole of a disc for your database(s). If you have only a single 180K drive, then you will have about 90K free for your database.

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