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Travel With Trashman

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TRAVEL WITH TRASHMAN DESCRIPTION An extension of the original 'Trashman' in locations all around the world with a gallery of 'amusing' stereotypes. CONTROLS Redefinable - just the four directions and fire. INSTRUCTIONS Walk into pieces of litter to pick them up; repeat until you clear the screen. Avoid people - some follow you around - because you lose cash each time you bump into someone. INLAY CARD TEXT Playing Instructions: Play is available for either 1 or 2 players. You can define your own keys, by following screen instructions for the movement of Trashman. Name: To enter your name, press up or down key until required letter is reached, and then the Fire Button. Up to eight letters may be entered. Move to end to bracket and press fire button for next screen. If more than one player, enter YES by using up or down key and fire button and then proceed as above. Object: Having completed the original 'Trashman' you are awarded a Diploma of Trashmanship, which entitles you to go forth and rid the world of trash. This is your mission. At the start of the game you are given an amount of cash to enable you to travel to a choice of countries. The screen shows a map of the world with all the possible destinations highlighted. When you select the country you wish to visit the fare will be deducted from the cash available. When you arrive at that destination, you will have the option of either taking the job offered or to travel on to other countries. You will of course have to have the money to travel, or you will have no choice but to accept the job. Spain: Trashman finds himself in a Bullring which he has to keep tidy. The crowd however will insist on throwing roses into the ring, which have to be cleared away. Unfortunately, in the ring with Trashman is a ferocious black bull, which continually chases him, whilst he is trying to clean up the ring. The cheering crowds can be a distraction, and a tossing from that bull could be fatal. U.S.A.: As an employee of the local jazz band you are employed to pick up the money being thrown by the crowd as the band plays through the streets of New Orleans. Look out for those mean musicians though. Hong Kong Featuring a carnival and all the razamataz, dragons and coolies. France: At the busy pavement cafe in the Champs Elysee, the disenchanted chef has set his stock of frogs loose, and Trashman has to catch them all whilst avoiding those lovely waitresses. Germany: At the German Festival Trashman takes the job of clearing away the empties. He still likes his tipple though and finds it almost irresistible to pick up a full glass. Israel At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem the worshippers have the untidy habit of wiping away their tears, and dropping the tissues all over the place. Guess who takes on their job of clearing up the mess? With many other countries to visit, Trashman takes his holiday and visits: Samoa: What a life! Lounging on the beach under the palm trees. But those coconuts keep falling and Trashman can't have an untidy beach. Watch out for those coconuts though - they can leave you very dizzy. Your task will be to completely clear each screen. Don't forget that on some screens the litter may be hidden between another object. Scoring: The figure at the right hand of the screen represents the cash you have available. This figure is increased each time you earn wages by picking up various items of litter or objects in each country. It will also be affected by the degree of efficiency shown when you tackle your job. For example, if you were to leave lots of litter lying around, and annoy other people by continually bumping into them, the figure will decrease more rapidly. Your fare to each counrty will be deducted from this figure. The score on the left hand side of the screen represents the cumulative figure of wages earned in all the countries visited. SEQUELS/PREQUELS This is the sequel to Trashman. NOTES Here is a table of the air fares for the possible journeys you can take. Paris <-> Madrid £700 means that Paris to Madrid OR Madrid to Paris costs £700. Alice Springs <-> Hong Kong £400 Alice Springs -> Kanyu £700 Alice Springs <-> Samoa £400 Benares <-> Hong Kong £300 Benares <-> Jerusalem £400 Benares <-> Kanyu £600 Chichen Itza <-> New Orleans £150 Chichen Itza <-> Samoa £500 Chichen Itza <-> Sao Paolo £600 Hong Kong -> Chichen Itza £600 Jerusalem <-> Kanyu £700 Kanyu <-> Sao Paolo £600 London -> Paris £100 London -> Munich £150 London -> Madrid £150 Madrid <-> Kanyu £700 Madrid <-> New Orleans £600 Madrid <-> Paris £100 Moscow -> Benares £450 Moscow -> Hong Kong £600 Moscow -> Jerusalem £300 Munich <-> Jerusalem £300 Munich -> Moscow £250 Munich <-> Paris £100 Paris -> Jerusalem £300 New Orleans -> Samoa £600 Samoa <-> Sao Paolo £700 Remember that you can walk behind pillars, trees and so on - the last piece of litter will often end up where you can't see it. In Madrid (the bullring), try always to walk behind the bull so that it cannot turn towards you quickly enough to run at you.

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