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Digital Orgasm

Manual n° 1

Megademo #2 of Prodatron / Symbiosis _____ _ ___ _ _____ _____ _ ù _ ç ù ù ù / _ ù ù ù_ _ù ù _ ù ù ù ù ù_ù ù ù ù ù ù_ù ù ù ù ù ù ù _ ù ù ù___ ù_____/ ù_ù ù_____ù ù_ù ù_ù ù_ù ù_ù ù_____ù _____ _____ ___ _____ _____ _____ / _ ç ù _ ù ù / _ ù _ ù / ___ù ù ù ù ù_ù ù ù _ / ù ù_ù ù ù _ ù ù___ ù ù ù_ù ù ç_____/ ù_ù ç_ç ù_____ù ù_ù ù_ù ù_____/ ù_ù ù_ù _______________________________________________________________________________ S Y M B I O S I S P R O D U C T I O N 1 9 9 4 CODE PRODATRON - GRAPHICS MADE, PRODATRON - SOUND BSC _______________________________________________________________________________ INFO-FILE by prodatron <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1. About the Demo All parts from the DIGITAL-ORGASM demo were coded in the end of 1993 (november- december). At first it should become the Prodatron-Megademo Disc II, but other SymbiosiS- members were against that and not all in this demo is done by me, so we wanted to make a SymbiosiS-Megademo with parts from Alien, Prodatron and BSC. At this time, two parts of mine were still ready (Zenith-Part first, Constellation- Vectors later) and Alien nearly has finished his rotating 3D-cube with animations on its surfaces. The top-art-man on cpc, MADE, joined SymbiosiS and started to make some cool graphics for Digital-Orgasm. But after many "Alien, please send me your damned part!!" from Prodatron, Alien was to lazy to do that, BSC didn't had the time and the motivation to finish his many parts. I didn't want to wait any longer... I had learned IBM-PC assembler now and started to code on these cool machines. So I took the decision to release only the ready Digital-Orgasm parts. But at first I haven't had the time to make the demo release-able, 'cos I started to code a digitracker on PC and hadn't any free minute for CPC. Then, after CeBIT, after Rundschlag #14, after moral-support from other CPC-freax I found the time to finish this little demonstartion! 2. Some more Information I tried to crunch all parts in the best way, which was possible. I used the Cheese-Cruncher by Lamer System, the Turbo-Imploder and the Crown-Cruncher. 2.1. Intro Code: Prodatron, Graphics: Made The intro was the last part I coded. It uses the original Digitracker-Player- routine (from the Player-Generator) for playing the digital sound-module in the background. The song "RECALL" certainly comes from amiga. I had to use a deep- sounding song, 'cos the interrupt-routines in this part take some cpu-time (especially the scroller...). Cool Graphics by Made! 2.2. Constellation Vectors Code: Prodatron, Graphics: Prodatron, Sound: "Space Debris" by BSC This part was crunched 4 times with 3 different crunchers (takes some time for depacking...)! The Cronologia-Demo by Cascada on PC gave me the cool idea for this part (lissajous-figures in 3 dimensions!). It's a fantastic soft-effect but not very hard to code (you only need very fast multiplication-routines). The softwarepart in this demo... Keys for this part: - cursor-keys: change speed- and distance-parameters - , : more/less balls (0 means 256!) - : sound on/off - : switch logo - : scroll distance-parameters (like changing the perspective) - : double/half z-coords. - : hardware-shadowplane on/off - : next object (2 x Copy to skip faster!) The text in the ghostwriter is from end of 1993, so forget it... 2.3. Zenith-Part Code: Prodatron, Graphics: Prodatron, Sound: "MSI-Demo" by BSC The hardwarepart in this demo... This part was the first part I finished for Digital Orgasm. I had to code it 2 times, 'cos the disc with the part on it has been formatted, when I wanted to send a preview to alien! The plasma-scroller is a pretty new effect on CPC. Keys for this part: - cursor-keys: stop/move paralax-scrolling - , : switch small/big logos - , : logo-/paralax-screen on/off - : do it! 2.4. Outro Grahpics: Made Not a real part, only some cool gfx by Made. He made them for the 3rd part, but I will never code a third part for Digital Orgasm... 3. Bye bye... Digital Orgasm belongs to my last CPC-releases and it is my last demo on CPC! Watch out for: - "PRODATRON - COLLECTED WORKS": nearly all sources done by prodatron on CPC since PDT-Megademo (disc 1). That means: all megademo-sources, all CPC-Fastloader/X-Treme sources (old and new version), all intros (for the discmags, X-Mas 92 PDT-part) and all Voyage 1993 Prodatron-sources (Hard'n' Heavy, Launching-Pad and Third Axis!). The "Collected Works" will be released together with Digital-Orgasm. - SYMBIOSIS PC-DIASHOWS: Hope I have the time to do that. Many, many pics are converted from PC (more than 100!!), but there is no code since today...! Hope you enjoyed watching Digital-Orgasm. Have a cool time on CPC and see you again in the PC-scene (wait for DIGITAL-TRAKKER and my first PC-demo with 3D-texture-gfx)!! bye bye prodatron / SYMBIOSIS

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