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Original version coded by Naminu & Longshot, oct-nov 1989 Revised version by Longshot in 2021 New intro : Art by Ced, Music from Iris ZX Ultrademo by Amadeus Voxon One DSK for Amstrad CPC 64/128K all-CRTCs This old megademo was revised to introduce the document "Amstrad Cpc Crtc Compendium" Check http://logonsystem.fr for extras: Amstrad Cpc Crtc Compendium (171 pages PDF document) Shaker 18 : CRTC/GA Benchmark / Little RVI/RVLL fullscreen POC Output Shaker 18 : Output of Shaker18 on real hardware. Source for CPU calculator, Constant time player for AYC format. Other credits: Madram / OVL > AYC format F-KEY > YM Packer Demoniak > ConvImgCpc NoRecess, Cheshirecat, Candy > moral support

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