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--- --- ----- ------- \ / / \ | \ \ / | | | | \ / | | |----< / \ | | | | / \ | | | | / \ \ / | \ | --- --- ----- -- - (C) LOGOTRON/ASTRAL SOFTWARE AMSTRAD CPC CASSETTE/DISK SPECTRUM 48/128K CASSETTE COMMODORE 64/128 CASSETTE/DISK LOGOTRON RECREATIONAL PRODUCTS ------------ LOGOTRON LIMITED, DALES BREWERY, GWYDIR STREET, CAMBRIDGE CB1 2LJ ENGLAND THE OBJECTIVES OF THE GAME To complete all 15 levels!! As you go through the door of each level you will be given a letter, note down the 15 letters. These letters will make up an encrypted clue to XOR's true nature. By the way you cannot pass through the door until you have collected all of the masks at each level. Note that you cannot enter mazes 11, 13, and 15 until you have completed levels 10, 12 and 14 respectively. In your exploration of the mazes you will encounter falling fish, two kinds of force field, spring loaded chickens, fizzer bombs and pressure bombs, BMUS (Beam Me Up Scottie), dolls, doors, maps and masks which are not always quite what they seem. We won't tell you any more - because the fun of the game is in discovering the properties of these different features! Needless to say, you often need both your shields. The games are graded and the bottom levels are suicidal! PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS XOR will confront you while the program loads. Press any key to exit the subsequent scenario scene. For SPECTRUM users- to select the appropriate joystick interface or keyboard, press the number corresponding to your desired choice and then press RETURN. Note that the following joystick interfaces are supported: KEMPSTON, PROTEK, SINCLAIR (port 1). For AMSTRAD and COMMODORE users, the joystick and keyboard work simultaneously. To select a maze, move up and down the list of mazes using your joystick or keyboard controls (see below) and press RETURN at your desired selection. KEYBOARD CONTROLS X move to the LEFT Z move to the RIGHT P Spectrum, [ Amstrad, ; Commodore to move UP L Spectrum, ; Amstrad, / Commodore to move DOWN RETURN or joystick FIRE switch to alternate Hero M for SPECTRUM and AMSTRAD users to toggle between Maze and Map E to Exit current maze Y/N for action replay/restart H to hold action (during replay) Space bar to single step through action (during replay) O to switch sound on/off The number of masks to be collected, the number of masks you have already collected and the moves to date are shown in windows on the play screen. If you solve all 15 levels you qualify to become a Member of the Order of XOR, with a certificate and badge to prove it. Send the decoded anagram to the address on the front of this booklet.

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