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Elven Warrior

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LOADING THE GAME SPECTRUM: 48K owners type LOAD"" (ENTER), 128K owners select the LOADER option from the menu. AMSTRAD CPC: 464 hold down CTRL and tap the small ENTER key. 664/6128: Type |(Shifted @) TAPE(ENTER) then type RUN'(ENTER). COMMODORE 64/128: Hold down SHIFT and tap the RUN/STOP key, 128K owners ensure the machine is in 64K mode. THE STORY It was midnight as an Elf crept back to the dying embers of the fire, where earlier that evening the old black witch had been burnt along with her belongings. Everything had surely been destroyed, her potions, charms and spell books lay in ashes. Elf's heart was thumping as his eyes scoured the charred remains. There it was! The legend was true! The book of immortality could not be destroyed. Elf turned the pages of the ancient manuscript. THE GAME The object of the game is to collect four potion bottles and take them to their corresponding magic cauldron. Falling into water or onto spikes will cause your premature death, as will coming into contact with the many different adversaries which roam the domain. Some enemy characters need weapons to destroy them, others are invincible. Elf starts his quest with only his trusty long bow and a quiver full of arrows. On his quest Elf may find a number of useful weapons. These include additional arrows for his long bow, wooden staffs, stealth axes and the all powerful staff of destruction. Other objects include shields, health enhancing food and items of treasure. After filling certain cauldrons the magic will effect the domain and strange changes may occur, walls may disintegrate or new lifts may be formed. CONTROLS JUMP UP WALK LEFT + WALK RIGHT ENTER DOORWAY SPECTRUM/AMSTRAD: Use a joystick or keyboard controls. Use keys 1,2,3,4 &5 to select a weapon for use. C64: Use a joystick in port 2, use the space-bar to alternate between 'weapon selection' and 'arrow direction' icons then pull down on the joystick. Run/Stop pauses the action. ELVEN WARRIOR CREDITS ORIGINAL DESIGN DUNCAN KERSHAW ORIGINAL MUSIC SONIC GRAFFITI C64 CODE & GRAPHICS SONIC GRAFFITI Z80 CODE D.C.P. Z80 GRAPHICS JABBA SEVERN AY PLAYER & CONVERSION ANDY SEVERN LOADING SCREENS JAMES KING STORY DUNCAN KERSHAW OTHER TEXTUAL & SHOTS SIMON DANIELS ARTWORK & LOGO JON CLARK INLAY PRODUCTION MIKE,PETE,SIMON,SI,JOHN, STEVE T & STEVE D MASTERING KEVIN PARKER MAIL ORDER BELINDA & SUNGLASSES McCANN PRODUCTION SIMON 'MOONCHILD' DANIELS Duplication, Design & Print by Interceptor Limited Check your local stockist for future titles. © 1989 PLAYERS PREMIER All unauthorised copying, hiring, lending or pressure cooking of this software or packaging is highly illegal! So don't do it! PLAYERS - Mercury House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berks. RG7 4QW.

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