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Energy Warrior

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ENERGY WARRIOR You are responsible for three regions (each divided into ten sections), which you must keep clear of aliens - but be careful as a section will seal once cleared - even with you in it! There are several kinds of alien craft each with a different attack strategy. There are even dragons and you must get as many of these as possible to collect bonuses. CONTROLS Joystick or Keyboard. Q - UP P - RIGHT A - DOWN SPACE - FIRE TAB - BLITZ BOMB RETURN - PAUSE ZUB Your mission is simple, you must make your way to the Planet Zub 10, steal the green eyeball of Zub and return to Zub 1. In order to travel undetected you must use the Zub Teleport Network which is no longer used due to the continuing Zub Wars. Each planet has three teleport units which are in orbit, a mile or so above the planet surface. To reach them you must negotiate a series of floating platforms which can be moved left or right under your control. Each of the three units will transport you to a different planet within the Zub system. Each planet is protected by its own fleet of security robots. Some of these are relatively harmless and will merely attempt to push you off the platforms. Others, however, are armed - these should be approached with extreme care. Watch out for the ZIRK BOMB, accidentally activating this could be disastrous. CONTROLS Keyboard controls are definable and several joystick types are catered for. Follow the on screen instructions. KEY FUNCTION FIRE BUTTON PLASMA BOLT UP JUMP DOWN CROUCH/CONTROL PLATFORM LEFT WALK LEFT/MOVE PLATFORM RIGHT WALK RIGHT/MOVE PLATFORM FIRE STARTS THE GAME To move a platform crouch and push in the direction you wish to go. (C) Mastertronic Limited 1988 Made in Great Britain Design: Words & Pictures Ltd., London

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