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Espionage Island


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ESPIONAGE ISLAND ---------------- ADVENTURE 'D' Espionage Island The Computer will act as your puppet and control your senses. You instruct the computer with short phrases usually Verb Noun. If the computer does not understand then try to re-phase the command. When entering your command you may use the RUBOUT key to erase any letters. In each location you may find objects which you can manipulate and use in further locations to help your progress. The game is written in machine code. The program is saved with the name 'ADVENT D' but it is simpler to load by LOAD "" CODE command In Adventure 'D' you have been sent to a reconnaissance mission to observe an enemy island. Somewhere, hidden on the island, is a secret. Your mission is to observe the island. Unfortunateiy, one of your engines is hit by enemy fire and you are forced to abandon your plane. Your adventure begins in the aeroplane and leads to the heart of the enemy stronghold. You must then return to your aircraft carrier, but beware, your side may be fooled by your disguise. As this adventure is very large, the program also has cassette routines with which you can load and save a game at any stage, to return to at a later date. To save the game you QUIT the game. The computer then asks if you want to save the game. If you reply 'Y' the computer will display the READY CASSETTE. Now start your cassette player on RECORD and hit any key. The game takes 2 seconds to save. To play a previously stored game. When you run the program you are asked if you wish to restore a previously stored game. If you answer 'Y' the computer again displays READY CASSETTE. You then cue up your tape; press play on your cassette and hit any key. The game will then continue from where you last left it. OTHER GAMES IN THE ARTIC SERIES:- ADVENTURE A - PLANET OF DEATH ADVENTURE B - INCA CURSE ADVENTURE C - SHIP OF DOOM ARTIC COMPUTING LTD 396 JAMES RECKITT AVE HULL N.HUMBERSIDE HU8 0JA

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