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DEFAULT KEYS Loading Instructions for the Amstrad with disc (|) tape. All Amstrads CNTL/enter. Q = UP A = USE SPACE = FIRE O = LEFT P = RIGHT 3 = PAUSE ESCAPE + DELETE = RESET GAME JOYSTICK DOWN = USE In order to complete “Equinox” you will need to be able to survive the harmful aliens on each of the numerous levels, and collect a pass on each one. You begin the game with three lives and any contact with an alien will reduce your energy, prolonged contact with an alien will result in the loss of one life. Each level contains a Canister, Disposal Chute and Level Pass. You will have to collect the level pass in order to access the next level. As you search each level for these items your time will elapse. To enable you to find the Radio-Active Canisters and Level Passes you will need to use the tools and objects that have been scattered around each level. Once you have completed a level the timer indicator will change to a solid green bar which will indicate that all is safe. In order to eradicate all danger to the complex you will need to have collected all eight canisters and disposed of them before the humans can settle safely in their new surroundings. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLAYING “EQUINOX” DISPLAY PANEL DESCRIPTION FIRST WINDOW shows which object is currently being held. SECOND WINDOW shows how many lives you have left. THIRD WINDOW shows your score, and the six coloured squares indicate how much time you have before the canisters on the current level explode. FOURTH WINDOW has two pointers, the top pointer shows your Thrust-Fuel level, the bottom shows your Laser Energy level. HOW TO USE THE TELEPORTER TERMINALS Before a Teleporter can be used, a Teleporter Credit (cyan disc) must be spent at the required Teleporter. TO SPEND A TELEPORTER CREDIT When the held object is a teleporter credit, sit stationary within the teleporter and press the USE key or joystick DOWN. If you now wish to teleport, thrust up to the globe-like object in the teleporter and you will be teleported to the second teleporter terminal. However you may leave the teleporter and teleport at a later time. HOW TO USE TRANS-LEVEL TELEPORTERS To enter a Trans-Level Teleporter you must be holding a numbered Level Pass. Select the desired level by moving your droid onto the corresponding select button and then pressing the USE key. The trans-level teleporter will only give access to levels which are less than or equal to the level pass that you are currently holding. Exit the trans-level teleporter by touching the door. HOW TO USE A CREDIT DISPENSER Rest the droid on top of the red plate and press the USE key. This will swap one of your droid’s lives for a teleporter credit. The dispenser will only work if you are not holding any objects. HOW TO DISPOSE OF RADIO-ACTIVE CANISTERS USING DISPOSAL CHUTES Move into the yellow portion of the disposal chute and press the USE key. This will send the radio-active canister currently held to the containment room. Use Batteries to restore your Laser Energy and Fuel Barrels to restore your Thrust-Fuel Level. If you should remain without fuel for too long your droid will explode.

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