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Eye Spy

Manual n° 1

Real size : 588 * 1139 px = 127.77 Ko

Manual n° 2

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E Y E S P Y ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 1986 ENGLISH SOFTWARE (c) 1986 AMERICANA Software, Unit 10, The Parkway Insdustrial Centre, Heneage Street, Birmingham B7 4LY Move over Kojak and Co... and make way for Eye Spy, the smartest detective yet!!! With a homicide to solve in Mad Marvin's caverns, Eye Spy has been assigned to search out the vital clue leading him to one of the 7 suspects, line up in the court room. The 8 secret elements of the clue are randomly hidden in eight of the many safes around the complex. But life is note that simple: on collecting all 8 clues, Eye Spy must the KEY to the "CLUE RELEASE", before proceeding to the courtroom to unravel the RIDDLE awaitingg him !! If Eye Spy succeeds in collecting all 8 pieces of the clue, only then will be the RIDDLE be displayed. One of the 7 suspects is guilty, but which one ?? They are numbered 1 to 7: Eye Spy must press the CORRECT JEY (1 - 7) when the random riddle appears: only smart players will win the game, and find the real criminal!... The suspects are : 1. CAPT SCARLET REVOLVER 2. COL. GREEN SWORD 3. MR BLUE BOW & ARROW 4. DR MUSTARD POISON 5. FATHER PLUM BOMB 6. SERG GREY RIFLE 7. PROF BROWN NOOSE The riddle awaits you, if you are smart, in the courtroom !! Every new game, it's a different suspect to arrest. COMMISSIONER RATING AWAITS THE SMARTEST EYE SPY!! Scanner: -------- The scanner shows updates on your current location, time and energy left to fulfill your task. Each element of the clue collected changes the colour of the incidator. Joystick control: ----------------- Using the joystick port, press FIRE to somersault, left to move, right to move right. Pulling the joystick down will make you duck, if you need to. When travelling in the elevators, you may swop to another one passing you by moving the joystick left or right as it passes. Great for avoiding a nasty death in the boiler-room!! Keys: ----- Z : Move Left F : Freeze/Unfreeze Game X : Move Right M : Switch Music On/Off RETURN : Jump SPACE BAR : Start Game/Exit Score Page In the Courtroom, keys 1 - 7 will select suspects numbered 1 - 7. Press joystick button/space bar to start the mission. Hints on Play: -------------- Only one: conserve your energy by avoiding contact with anything that looks the slightest bit nasty!! Try the POLICE STATION if you are running low on energy... Hints on Good Play : Check every safe as soon as you see it! Hints on Great Play : Memorise the location on every cavern: it really helps!! Loading Instructions -------------------- Press CTRL and the small ENTER, press PLAY,then hit any key. Then follow the screen prompts.

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