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F.A. Cup Football
The Official F.A. Cup Football

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For the first time the Football Association has given full endorsement to a computer game. Sportswriter Tony Williams has teamed with Virgin Games to produce the most realistic football simulation yet. It is based on true F.A. Cup form as you will see from the realistic results this game produces. By a combination of strategic tactical decisions and good management you can lead your 10 teams to success. You can choose a local non-league team to be one of your 10 and, with the help of in-built "Giant-Killers," you may even achieve a dream cup run! * One to eight players can play - a true family game! * The OFFICIAL F.A. Game * Fun for form experts and non-experts alike * Study the accurate results for real F.A. Cup prediction! * Text-based simulation YOU BECOME MANAGER TO 10 TEAMS in a simulation of the exciting F.A. COMPETITION. You can begin at the First Round when 32 Non-League clubs join the 48 clubs from the Third and Fourth Divisions. Alternatively, you can go in at the THIRD ROUND when the FIRST and SECOND DIVISIONS join with the successful teams from the first two rounds and then it's the battle to the CUP FINAL! A club of your own choice can be included in your selection of teams in the First Round, so your local team could have a "DREAM CUP RUN"! AUTHENTIC CUP DRAWS present cup ties in which real life form decides the winners but a shrewd choice of tactics from you may just turn the tables and provide a result, while "GIANT-KILLING" is always a possibility. If your clubs reach the later rounds of the competition, you will have to take some MANAGERIAL DECISIONS which, if decided wrongly, could end your teams' hopes of success. If your knowledge of true F.A. CUP form is good it will help you steer your clubs to new SUCCESS but SHREWD MANAGEMENT is also very important. All League clubs in the competition have a home and away real form rating decided upon by: * Their best performances ever in the competition * Their performances in the last ten years * The division in which they are currently playing * Their past five home F.A. Cup results and attendances * Their past five away F.A. Cup results and their estimated away following Non-League club's F.A. Cup history, recent results and attendances have provided their up-to-date form ratings. Thanks to Tony Williams Editor of "F.A. League Club Directory" and "F.A. Non-League Club Directory." Thanks to Adrian Titcomb, Glen Kirton and the two Davids at the F.A. Head Office, to Kerian UK Ltd for programming and to Ian Mathias for all his help. ____+------------------+____ == | INSTRUCTIONS | == ==____+------------------+____== To begin the game, type in the Number of Players (from 1 to 8), the computer also plays. Each player, in turn, must type in Two initials to identify him or her for the rest of the game. Each player then may choose to add a team by typing in the name. The DEL key allows you to correct mistakes. Now you are ready to select which 10 teams each player will manage. There are 124 teams altogether, pressing X will show you more. Each player must type in the number the team is listed under (if the number is 12 or less you will have to press ENTER, higher numbers are accepted automatically), the computer chooses its own teams. You may opt at any stage to "Pass" in which case the computer chooses all or remaining teams for you. The computer reminds you whose turn it is in the Box at the top. Next you have the option of passing to Round 3. If you do so you will begin in the Round where the First and Second Divisions come into the competition, and some of your teams will have been defeated in the first two rounds. The next section of the game is the Draw. The Red screen displays all that Round's matches, your initials are displayed after your team. The game goes straight into Tactic Selection next. The box at the bottom indicates which player goes next. You may choose A (defensive), B (balanced) or C (attacking). The computer makes its choices automatically. A tactical decision is taken for every team and this is an important part of the Manager's work. The State of Play screen shows the Round's matches in progress, pressing X will show you more matches. There is a Clock on the upper left of the screen. Pressing the Spacebar will speed up play (the clock will speed up), please note, the goals will only be updated when you release the Spacebar. The game will stop when the clock is at Full Time, so you have time to study the results. Hold down the Q key to continue. You will have to choose tactics for any of your teams involved in replays, if you are playing away you will have the option of looking at a Newsflash which may or may not help your team's morale. As the Rounds get nearer to the Final, your decisions become more important and frequent. In the first 3 Rounds play carries on uninterrupted, by Round Four you must redecide your tactics at half-time. You will be reminded of your previous tactics and you can choose new tactics without your choice being printed to the screen, in case you wish to keep it a secret from your opponents. Round 5 requires you to answer a question, this will test your managerial experience, and you will have to decide whether to use a substitute at ¾ time. In the remaining three Rounds you will have to answer an increasing number of questions as well as decide tactics at quarter and mid-time and decide whether to substitute or not. The game continues Round by Round until it is time for the Final! After the Final is played the result will be displayed until the small ENTER key is pressed. Then you will be ready to start another game if you wish. You may completely restart during play by pressing CTRL and SHIFT together. To reset the computer press CTRL, SHIFT and ESC together. ____+------------------+____ == | LOADING | == == | INSTRUCTIONS | == ==____+------------------+____== Press CTRL and small ENTER key. Press PLAY on tape player. ____+------------------+____ == | GENERAL | == == | POINTS | == ==____+------------------+____== This game plays exactly like the F.A. Cup competition with the exception of two things. There is no extra time and the draw for the First and Second Round is usually on a regional basis, but we have made it a nationwide draw. The results of matches are determined firstly on the teams' F.A. Cup form rating and also on the tactics used in each match. Stance A is a defensive and stable approach, B is a confident one and C an aggressive stance, goal-getting, but not without its risks. Additionally a separate "strength" factor can be built up by good managerial decisions, the morale effect of Newsflashes and also successful matches. Built-in "Giant-Killers" can randomly occur in the first few rounds. This is when a highly rated club suffers unexpected defeat by a lesser club. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work being produced are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this cassette is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, nor liability for damage arising from its use. WARNING: These programs are sold according to VIRGIN GAMES LTD'S terms of trade and conditions of sale. Copies of which are available on request. (P) 1986 VIRGIN GAMES LTD (C) 1986 VIRGIN GAMES LTD.

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