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Five A Side Footy - European Five A Side
European 5-A-Side
Five-A-Side Football

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EUROPEAN FIVE-A-SIDE © TIMOTHY CLOSS Amstrad conversion by ANDREW ROGERS THE GAME Enjoy a great game of five-a-side footy in the comfort of your own room, by yourself against the computer, or against a friend. Look down on the ten players who kick, pass, lob and run around under your control, and when it comes to the crunch, let's hope you're quick enough with your goalie to stop that sneaky one popping in. LOADING AMSTRAD 464 OWNERS 1. Place the rewound cassette into the cassette unit and press PLAY. 2. Hold down CTRL and press the SMALL ENTER key. AMSTRAD 664, 6128 and 464+DISK OWNERS. 1. Hold down SHIFT and press the @ key. Type TAPE and press RETURN. 2. Connect a suitable cassette player to your computer, according to the User Manual, and insert the rewound cassette. 3. Hold down CONTROL and press the ENTER key. 4. Press PLAY on the cassette player. Note: Full loading instructions can be found in your Amstrad Manual. PLAYING THE GAME The game is played as normal five-a-side footy, from an aerial view. The computer selects the chap who is nearest the ball every few seconds and a flashing arrow points to the selection, and that is who you control (unless you have the ball). Controls Player 1 Q=Up A=Down X=Left C=Right Z=Kick Player 2 O=Up K=Down B=Left N=Right M=Kick A joystick can be used for either of the players. Pressing key 3 on the menu switches between half time lengths. How to... Pass: Tap the kick button, and the ball will leave your control and go off in the direction you were facing at the speed you were going. Lob: Press and hold the kick button, and the ball will sail high into the air in the direction you were facing. Operate your goalie: If the ball is inside the 6 yard box, control passes automatically to your keeper, press fire and push direction in which you want him to dive. He will get up after a few moments, ready to dive again. WARNING: Copyright subsists in all Silverbird Software, documentation and artwork. All rights reserved. No part of this software may be copied, transmitted in any form, or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of the publisher. If this program is faulty, or fails to load, please return it to the address below CLEARLY MARKED 'RETURNS' and it will be replaced free of charge. This offer does not affect your statutory consumer rights. Silverbird Software, 1st Floor, 64-76 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1PS Silverbird and the Silverbird logo are registered trademarks of British Telecommunications plc. Look out for these exciting forthcoming Silverbird titles for your Amstrad computer* European 5-a-Side Mr. Wino I, Ball Stuntbike Simulator Scuba Kidz * Correct at time of printing A free catalogue of all Telecomsoft's products is available on request. ______________ | | __________| 5 Free Games |_________ | |______________| | | | | What do you think of our | | new Silverbird packaging? | | Drop us a line on the back of a | | postcard. The most valuable | | contribution will receive our | | 5 latest titles | | ABSOLUTELY FREE! | |___________________________________|

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