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FORMULA ONE 1 to 6 players each controlling a 1 or 2 car Formula One team compete in this full simulation of a Grand Prix racing season. Before each of the 16 races, you must invest your sponsors' money in improving your drivers, cars and pit crew. Your object is to win the Drivers Championship or the Constructors Championship . . . . or both! A full record of each track's history is displayed before the race, along with a weather forecast helping you to choose your tyres. While each race is being run on screen, information is displayed by a constant commentary and full scoreboard. Unforeseen circumstances, such as crashes and changes in weather will mean cars must be called into the pits. Each player has to control his own crew during these pit stops by using the keys or joystick. Detailed playing instructions are printed on the REVERSE of this inlay. CRL Group PLC, CRL House, 9 Kings Yard, Carpenters Road, London E15 2HD. © CRL Group 1985 If this tape is defective in any way please return to CRL for an immediate replacement This cassette is sold subject to the following conditions: Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, exchanging, public performance and broadcasting of the cassette is strictly prohibited. Made in U.K. FORMULA ONE INSTRUCTIONS & KEY CONTROLS To load press CTRL and small ENTER key simultaneously. For a demonstration of how the program runs, select zero players when the request for number of players comes up. However, once in demo mode it is not possible to re-start the game without re-loading. Having selected either keyboard or joystick option and input the number of players, choose the level of difficulty that you wish to play at. The higher the standard you select, the more competitive the computer managed cars will be. If, at the end of a season, you have won the Constructors' Championship, the next season will automatically be at the next level up, unless you are already on Expert. After having input your name you must choose which team you wish to manage. Move the arrow up or down and press Enter when it is is the required position. There are 24 drivers available, including 6 novices. If you wish to change any of the first 6 names, you can as prompted on the screen. Next select 2 sponsers from those listed on screen. Once selected, your initial sponsorship money is credited and you must select your drivers. The more you pay, the more skillful they will be. At the beginning of a season it is unlikely that you will be able to run 2 competitive cars. If you decide to run just 1, select a driver and then enter zero to move on to the preparation of your car. Make sure that you budget carefully, as without an adequate and chassis a car cannot start. You can race without a pit crew but your car won't last long and your pit-stops will be slow. There is a visual warning on screen if the car is not up to race standards. Having moved the arrow to the required line, you are given the option to buy a new engine/chassis or improve the one you have got. Obviously you cannot improve something you have not already bought and the more races that the engine or chassis has competed in, the less improvement you can get, and it can be cheaper to buy a new unit. Basically, the more you spend the more you get, but the law of diminishing returns does operate over a certain amount. Prior to each race you must select your tyres. The softer the compound, the faster you will go, but the quicker your tyres will degrade. Keep an eye on your car's speed. If it slows down new tyres may be needed. Ignore the signs at your peril. If you are lucky, you may get away with just a puncture and lose time. More likely, your driver will crash and wreck your car. If a pit stop is requested or is forced on you, you must first change all 4 tyres. Position the pit crew facing the first tyre and press 'N' or the fire button if using a joystick. The tyre will change if you are in the correct position. If extra repairs are necessary, move to the back of the car when all 4 tyres have been changed and press the same button. Don't hang around in the pits. The longer you are in there, the further down the field you will fall. Before each race you should spend what money you have available on improving your car, not forgetting your pit crew. If you have started with only one driver, move the arrow to the appropriate line and Enter. You will then be able to select a new driver from those still available. Remember, the object is to win the Championship, not to hoard money. A gambling option is included and can be brought in or removed by pressing the appropriate keys. CONTROL KEYS To move the arrow up or down use keys 6 or 7. To move the pit crew use either a joystick or Q = Up Z = Down I = Left P = Right N = Change tyres, etc. Use fire button on joystick The following keys only have any effect when the cars are crossing the screen or a message is being scrolled:- P = Request pit stop C = Cancel pit stop request F = Full race graphics, ie. every lap shown H = Race highlights only G = Call in gambling option Q = Remove gambling option S = Save game request. Has no effect until the end of the race in progress. Written by George Munday and Peter Wheelhouse Converted to the Amstrad by Richard Taylor

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