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Frank Bruno's Boxing
Frank Bruno's World Championship Boxing

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Frank WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Bruno's B O X I N G The sport of boxing is probably the most fearsome contact sport practised today. It holds a strange, almost sadistic fascination with sports fans around the world. Boxing has been the subject of films, documentaries, and controversy. It combines physical skills such as stamina, strength, courage and endurance to produce an immensely exciting sport Now you can experience the fast and furious sport without risking life or limb, because Frank Bruno, one of the World's greatest ever boxers, presents the World's Greatest Boxing Game. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Spectrum (Cassette) LOAD "" at correct counter position Commodore 64/128 (Cassette) SHIFT & RUN/STOP at correct counter position Amstrad/Schneider (Cassette) RUN "" at correct counter position Commodore C16 (Cassette) Load "ELITE" © Elite Systems International Ltd. 1988 All rights reserved worldwide. Unauthorised copying, lending, broadcasting or resale without the express written permission from Elite Systems Ltd. is strictly prohibited. Guarantee: This software product has been carefully developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Please read carefully the instructions for loading which are included. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program, and believe that the tape is defective, please return it directly to the following address: Customer Services Dept., Elite Systems Limited, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield WS13 6RX, England. Telex: 336130 ELITE G. Our Quality Control Department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement at no extra cost. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights. PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS | Guard Up | ^ Spectrum | | Guard up 1 | _______ Duck Q | / _____ \ Duck = Fire Guard down A | | |* *|<- Right Hook/ | Dodge | | | | Dodge Uppercut Bottom Row | Left <- | |_[*]_| | -> Right Dodge Left U | \_______/ Left Punch I | Right Punch O | | Dodge Right P | v Game Abort Caps Shift/ | Guard Down Space | | Commodore C16 | 2 Joysticks Guard up ; | _______ Duck RETURN | / _____ \ K.O. = Fire Guard down / | | |* *|<- Dodge Left a | Punch | | | | Punch Left Punch 1 | Left <- | |_[*]_| | -> Right Right Punch 2 | \_______/ Dodge Right s | Knock-out SPACEBAR | Joystick Port 1 Re-Boot R | Game Abort RUN/STOP | | Guard Up Amstrad/Schneider | ^ Guard up 1 | | Duck Q | _______ Guard down A | / _____ \ Duck = Fire Right Hook/ | | |* *|<- Uppercut SPACEBAR | Punch | | | | Punch Dodge Left K | Left <- | |_[*]_| | -> Right Left Punch I | \_______/ Right Punch O | Dodge Right L | | Game Abort ^ (on cursor control | v pad) | Guard Down | Joystick Port 2 Commodore 64/128 | Single Joystick in Port 2 | Three boxers only with Commodore C16 Punch left 1 | Punch right 2 | Body Blows are made by punching while Knock-out SPACEBAR | Bruno's guards are down. Head Blows | are made by punching while Bruno's | guards are up. Uppercuts can be thrown | while Bruno's guards are down. Right | Hooks and Uppercuts can only be thrown | when the K.O. indicator is flashing. | See below. Object The object of the game is to defeat eight boxers in succession in pursuit of the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Fighting styles of each of the boxers are different, each one more intelligent than the last. To defeat an opponent, 'Bruno' must achieve a 'Knock Out' by knocking him down three times during a single three minute round. To do this, Bruno must reduce his opponent's 'Status' to zero, by avoiding the blows made by the opponent and punching the opponent when his body or head is unprotected. By making repeated successful blows, Bruno's Punch Power increases. The KO indicator flashes when 100% punch power is achieved, this allows you to use the Right Hook/Uppercut. The game screen is divided in two, the top half is the score and information board, the bottom half is a perspective view of the ring. If you win the bout! If you win the bout then you are issued with your own personal 'Elite Video Boxing Association' Membership Code. You will notice in the inlay that we have provided you with a EVBA Membership card for your own use. Write the code in pencil, alongside the name of the next boxer. So if you have just beaten the first boxer, write the code in the space next to 'Fling Long Chop'. You may use the code to load the next boxer off tape/disc now, or at a later date. To load a boxer: 1. Ensure the cassette/disc is on side B. 2. Press L on the options page. 3. Enter your three letter name. 4. Enter your Membership Code (just press ENTER without typing anything if you wish to load the first boxer back in). 5. Press PLAY on the cassette player. The program will tell you what boxer it has found on the tape. If it finds a boxer that comes before the one it is searching for, then you should fast forward the tape a little bit. Conversely, if it finds a boxer that comes after the one it is searching for, then you should rewind the tape a little bit. Your membership code is valid for all versions of Frank Bruno's Boxing provided it is used with the same three letter name that you have used. If you lose the bout! You can reboot the current boxer whether you have won, lost or just loaded the game. Press R on the options page to do this. PLAY THE BIG FIST Now, meet eight of the world's most unlikely heavyweight contenders in the boxing simulation to beat them all! FRANK BRUNO GREAT BRITAIN (THE CHALLENGERS) 1. CANADIAN CRUSHER* 5. FRENCHIE CANADA FRANCE CODE ___NONE___ CODE __________ 2. FLING LONG CHOP* 6. RAVIOLI MAFIOSI JAPAN ITALY CODE __________ CODE __________ 3. ANDRA PUNCHEREDOV* 7. ANTIPODEAN ANDY USSR AUSTRALIA CODE __________ CODE __________ 4. TRIBAL TROUBLE 8. PETER PERFECT AFRICA USA CODE __________ CODE __________ * These 3 only with Commodore C16

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