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Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Frankie The Computer Game

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FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD ☆ WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREGAME ☆ The program code, graphic representation and artwork of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ’the Computer Game’, are the copyright of Ocean Software Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Ocean Software Limited. All rights reserved Worldwide. Made in the U.K. Frankie have sent you over 60 tasks in your journey from Mundanesville through the Pleasure Dome. Tasks ranging from the trivial, to heroic feats of skill and intelligence. Whenever you complete these challenges a bar-chart will show your increase in the various elements of your personality and Pleasure points will be awarded. Your goal is to become a complete person and to achieve this you must reach the top on the Bar Charts (when the letters BANG will appear above the personality factors) and achieve a score of 99,000 Pleasure Points. This combination awards you the minimum requirement (99% a complete person) to search for the Special Door – the Door to the Ultimate Experience – the heart of the Pleasure Dome. KEYBOARD UP – 8 DOWN – U LEFT – H RIGHT – J FIRE – SPACE BAR Study the joystick controls for the full repertoire of movements available. All these movements can be obtained by using the relevant combination of keys. JOYSTICK Right = WALK RIGHT PUSH JOYSTICK IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION TO WALK LEFT ───────────────────────────────────────────────┐ Fire + Right = REACH – WAIST HEIGHT │ THESE MOVEMENTS CAN ALSO BE Fire + Right then Up = REACH – SHOULDER HEIGHT │ USED TO ’ZAP’ WHEN REQUIRED ───────────────────────────────────────────────┘ TO ENTER A DOOR ETC. YOU MUST FACE IT THEN PUSH JOYSTICK/KEYBOARD ’UP’ A short ’stab’ on the joystick/keyboard in opposite direction to which figure is facing will achieve this position TO CLOSE ’INVENTORY’ WINDOW OR ANY WINDOW IN WHICH THE ’CURSOR FINGER’ IS USED, MOVE ’CURSOR FINGER’ TO ’QUIT’ ICON AND PRESS ’FIRE’. TO PICK UP OBJECTS EITHER TOUCH OR STAND OVER OBJECT AND PRESS ’FIRE’ BUTTON AND ’UP’. Your ’INVENTORY’ window can be accessed by pressing FIRE button and joystick/ keyboard ’DOWN’. You may then use object/objects you are carrying moving ’CURSOR FINGER’ to chosen object and pressing ’FIRE’ button. You begin your adventure devoid of personality in an environment of suburban boredom, but don’t be put off by ennui, all may not be as it appears! There are different streets and different houses, take nothing for granted. Touch everything, explore, probe, experiment – your curiosity will be rewarded. Pick up objects – some of these will help you now, others you will need to survive and succeed in the Pleasure Dome. Remember you can only carry 8 objects at a time so you need to be selective about the items you take with you, once abandoned they may not be used again. YOUR INVENTORY You may check your inventory at any time by pressing the FIRE button and moving the joystick downwards. To resume play immediately use the QUIT icon to close window. As you explore the aspects of everyday life, keep your wits about you as sooner or later you will stumble upon the ... MURDER MYSTERY You will come across a body...who is the killer? Solve the mystery by a process of elimination:- Find all the clues which appear in windows (23 facts in all). Return to the scene of the crime, walk into the window showing the suspects and point to the killer. CAUTION: You will need to resart the game if you’re wrong. TAKE A TIP: A system of noting the clues may help your investigation. In the quest to form your personality you must use what has been gleened from everyday life to complete all the ’Arcade Elements’. These elements are linked within the Dome by a conduit, the ... CORRIDORS OF POWER This Ladyrinth enables you to move at will within the Dome and connects with Mundanesville (though other routes may also be discovered). It can be mapped by observing the colour of manhole covers located along its path. Fireballs emerge from the manholes, Zap them and you will create additional exits. The entrances will appear as the game is played. Learn to use the Corridors well, they will help you succeed in elements that follow and within them (when your personality is completed) will be revealed the door to the very centre of the Pleasure Dome ... The Ultimate Screen. THE PLEASURE DOME Inside the Pleasure Dome are a variety of games and puzzles which must be completed to gain sufficient points to form your personality. Through experience and inspiration you WILL succeed. There are principal entrances into this world of the mind (one from each street), however others can be found but only used once, so be prepared. These entrances and the ones which will become evident in the Corridors of Power give access to the ... ARCADE ELEMENTS THE TERMINAL ROOM You must use information to complete this task – pay close attention to your inventory and the objects on the screen. TIP – If your inventory is incomplete the lift may aid your escape. SEA OF HOLES Go in and out of time and space to reach the floor beneath you. HINT – There’s more here than meets the eye. CYBERNETIC BREAKOUT One game must be completed for each symbol (guide the symbol into the spark). HINT – What you are carrying could halve your pain or double your pleasure! RAID OVER MERSEYSIDE Stop the bombers destroying Merseyside and its shipping. You have a time limit to survive or destroy the enemy (multiple hits on the planes). THE ZTT ROOM Break down the wall to enter the control section and then solve the puzzle. Use the Power of Zap to fire but be careful to dodge the bullets. (Remember you must complete the puzzle to win.) HINT – You may bring protection from the rooms of the Mundane, quite appropriate to cover this task. TIP – Locate the key which switches pieces on and not off TALKING HEADS This dialogue between World leaders can get nasty. A counter tells you how many (political) lives you have left. SHOOTING GALLERY Take pot shots at famous personalities. PLAYING TIP – You must reload to fire (allow the sights to fall to the bottom of the screen). WAR ROOM Shoot the symbols in this final Arcade task to obtain Pleasure Points. (There is one game for each symbol). HINT – The power of love may be of great help here. CONTROL PLAN As you become more familiar with the Pleasure Dome and its interface with the ordinary World, you will begin to learn the layout of the Game and be able to move quickly from one element to the next using the Corridors of Power or other methods you will discover. REMEMBER, to develop your personality completely you must finish all the tasks, for only then will the opportunity arise, to re-enter the maze and search for that Door behind which lies the secret of self discovery ... Go for it! FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD THE GAME Game design OCEAN/DENTON DESIGNS Cover illustration BOB WAKELIN/W. STEVE BLOWER Packaging Design W. STEVE BLOWER Produced by D. C. WARD With many thanks to BILL BARNA © 1985 FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD ocean ZTT

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