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© Les Sucres En Morceaux (2011)
FOReVER C - Kvety

Manual n° 1

FOReVER C Amstrad CPC gfx contest ___________________________________ Kvety From the Les Sucres en Morceaux ___________________________________ --------- Credits : --------- Original picture: Adobe Photoshop sample Picture adaptation: Supersly / Les Sucres en Morceaux Display code: Grimmy / Arkos --------- Technical --------- To run the picture, type: RUN"KVETY This fullscreen picture consists in 2 flipping pictures: -> 1 picture in lowres (192x272 / 16 colours out of 27) -> 1 picture in middle res (384x272 / 4 colours out of 27) The final picture is 384x272 / 64 colours out of 216. It works on all 64k+ Amstrad/Schneider CPC. Never believe the pictures if they are not photorealistic ;)

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