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Glory Holes


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Glory Holes released at ReSeT &8 in the 4K compo Credits ------- Before the party: - main code: Krusty/Benediction - player: Grim/Semilanceata During the party: - Music: Tom&Jerry/GPA - Batman: Grim/Semilanceata - Nebulus: Grim/Semilanceata - Self-portrait: Beb/Vanity - Quadripus: Ced/Condense (complete version available in the sources) After the party - Dancing in the moonlight: Voxfreax/Benediction Notes ----- A part of the source is included. Feel free to modify it and assemble under winape in order to test and share your own pictures. `...` label is a pointer on the list of pictures. Each picture is as this: - First line is `COLORS A, B, C, D` in order to select the 4 first inks as being colors A, B, C and D. - Following lines are `CIRCLE X_pos, Y_pos, Radius, Ink` with CPC coordinates, or `PSD X_pos, Y_pos, Radius, Ink` with photoshop coordinates - Last line is `dw 0`

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