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Yet Another Plasma

Manual n° 1

YET ANOTHER PLASMA! ------------------- Logon System / October 2012 4Kb,50Hz,fullscreen,neither chunky nor scanlined,runs on all CRTCs,optimized for CRTC1 Overflow wants to thank McKlain: hard job to fit a quality song into so little space! USED TOOLS & Z80 SOURCES: ------------------------- ArkosTracker (Targhan/Arkos) composing song, exporting to YM AYC z80 player (Madram/Overlanders) playing song on CPC (heavily modded) CPCtools (Ramlaid/Arkos) importing binaires into sna and dsk Crimson Editor (Emerald Editor community) editing asm source Exomizer (Zagon) crunching on PC/Windows Exomizer z80 (MetalBrain) decrunching on CPC (lightly modded) SJasm+ (Sjoerd Mastijn, Aprisobal) compiling asm source Winape (Richard Wilson) testing (explicitly: not on real HW) YMcruncher (F-key/Revival) converting YM to AYC McKlain wants to say: --------------------- Thanks to Overflow for thinking about me to work on this little wonder, and greetings to all my friends on the CPC World. -=We Do What We Must Because We Can=-

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