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Turbo Girl
Turbo Bike

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TURBO BIKE LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Press CONTROL and ENTER (INTRO) keys together. Press PLAY on the cassette. PLOT TURBO BIKE, renowned throughout the entire Galaxy, Lieutenant G.Irl of the Immediate Operation Corps of the Korg Army, has been chosen to fulfil a suicide mission: three "Elders" (Strange Cybernetic Beings) are intercepting the provisions of the Colony with the help of an army of robot-ships. They must be destroyed. AIM Get through the different phases, avoid being destroyed by the robot-ships and do away with the "Elder" that guards each of the phases. PHASES The game is made up of three different phases, and each phase is divided into several parts which will allow you to start at the end of the last one you have completed if you are knocked down. PHASE 1 - it takes place aboard a semi-abandoned Space Station. You must cross through the labyrinth of tubes that make up the Station, avoiding collision or falling through the gaps in the structure, which would make you disappear into open space. Careful with the meteorites. PHASE 2 - Cross over the huge, long bridge that joins the Space Station to the surface of the planet. It is a very ancient and unsafe bridge. There are parts that cave-in upon contact, so you have to ride very carefully. PHASE 3 - The last of the Elders hides away in the desert. It is a calcinated desert of scorching winds carrying a great amount of debris. Numerous enemies lie hidden throughout. ENEMIES You will encounter many enemy ships on your way. They all fly above ground level, so you will not collide unless your motorcycle jumps at the wrong time, but you will have to avoid their shots. 1. - KNOCKIES: Lightweight, swift, specially designed to fly within the labyrinth of tubes. 2. - METEORITES: Collision with them causes death. Many of them fall around the Space Station. 3. - TROMPOES: Sentinels that rotate about with quick and unpredictable movements. 4. - CROTAS: They are small and move at a great speed. 5. - SHRUBS: Carried by the windstorms, their contact is lethal. 6. - ITRONES: Prepared for combat, and specially designed for desert lands. HELPFUL TIPS When you combat against the guardian Elder in each phase, observe the energy indicators on the right. They will drop when you shoot him in his weak spot with your laser. LIVES AND ENERGY You start out with 6 lives, and an extra one every 5000 points. The energy marks on the left indicate the loss of a life every time you are shot. CONTROLS Redefinable keys. If you use a joystick, in order to jump you must press SPACE or whichever key you have defined. PREDEFINED KEYS: SP | AM | MSX ---- | ---- | ----- | | UP Q | Q | Q | | DOWN A | A | A | | LEFT O | O | O | | RIGHT CAPITALS | CTRL | SHIFT | | JUMP SPACE | SPACE | SPACE | | PAUSE 0 | 0 | 0 | | END 1 | 1 | 1 (c) Alternative Software Limited 1989 PROGRAMMERS - If you have written a good programme for ANY home computer, send it to us now for evaluation. We pay EXCELLENT royalties!! SEND TO: The Evaluation Department, ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE Units 3-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. We will acknowledge receipt of your programme same day. AS 704

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