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ORG &2000 run &2000 ; CPCopper by Optimus ; old ugly code from 2004 tweaked to fit <256b ; F9 assemble & run with winape32 rastcols2 equ &2100 LD BC,&BC01:OUT(c),C LD BC,&BD00:OUT(C),C di:LD HL,&C9FB:LD(&38),HL ld hl,rastcols:ld de,rastcols+64:ld bc,512:ldir heyxana: ld b,&f5 vsync0: in a,(c) rra jr nc,vsync0 ei:halt:di ex (sp),hl:ex (sp),hl ld bc,&7f10 ld hl,rastcols2 ld de,286 xana: ld a,(hl):inc l out (c),c:out (c),a ld a,11 ttt: dec a jp nz,ttt dec de ld a,e:or d jp nz,xana ld a,(rastcols2):ld (rastcols2+255),a ld a,&54:out (c),a ld hl,rastcols2+1:ld de,rastcols2:ld bc,255:ldir jr heyxana rastcols: db &54,&54,&54,&54 db &5c,&4c,&45,&47,&4a,&43 db &43,&4a,&47,&45,&4c,&5c db &54,&54,&54,&54 db &44,&58,&5d,&5f,&53,&5b db &5b,&53,&5f,&5d,&58,&44 db &54,&54,&54,&54 db &56,&57,&52,&5a,&4a,&43 db &43,&4a,&5a,&52,&57,&56 db &54,&54,&54,&54 db &58,&4c,&45,&47,&43,&4b db &4b,&43,&47,&45,&4c,&58 list: telos nolist:

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