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Gems Of Stradus
Les Bijoux de Stradus

Manual n° 1

Real size : 2202 * 1170 px = 486.68 Ko

Manual n° 2

GEMS OF STRADUS (c) 1984 Kuma computers (c) 1984 M. Shaw FOR THE AMSTRAD CPC 464 ** cover ** Your task is to find the "Gems of Stradus", to succeed you must defeat the guardians (these include not only men, but snakes, ghosts, dwarves and other nasties) and pass through the maze of rooms. There are one hundred rooms, all in excellent colour graphics. An extensive vocabulary is included, every verb 'input' has the possible options associated with it; thus one can enter 'GET xxx', 'TAKE xxx' or 'PICK UP x' with the same effect. A 'HELP' function is to provide clues when difficulties are encountered, however this can be used only a limited number of times, use it wisely! Beware the Madhouse and good luck! KUMA COMPUTERS LTD. Pangbourne, Berkshire, England

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