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Gilligan's Gold

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Gilligan's Gold --------------- Gold - it gives you fever!... and Gilligan's Gold will send your temperature soaring. Collect the gold bags and dodge the bandits. Hang on the trucks, run down the ladders and jump into the lifts but watch out for the mine shafts... aghh! Help Gilligan collect all the bags of gold and evade the desparate outlaws. PLAYING You must collect all the bags of gold and place them in your wheelbarrow before the time runs out. Each bag gives you more time and raises your score but beware the outlaws are after you - and the gold. Jump onto the trucks (by hanging on the hooks) or escape via the ladders and lifts, but watch out for the mine shafts; deep and deadly! STATUS AND SCORING On screen scoring shows current score, high score and number of lives remaining. Start with 4,000 time units - each bag gives you 4,000 more. CONTROLS The game is operated by joystick or keyboard, select the correct interface or keyboard as screen instructions. KEYBOARD CONTROLS P - Up ENTER - Down Q - Left W - Right SPACE - Action STRATEGY TIP You can stun the outlaws momentarity by dropping the gold bags on them! Good Luck. Gilligan's Gold, written by R. Rhodes is only one of many exciting games from Ocean Software. Ocean Software Limited, Central Street, Manchester PRODUCED BY D.C. WARD (C) 1984 Ocean Software Limited (Transcribed by Robin Stuart)

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