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Boulder Dash Construction Kit BDCK


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Boulder Dash Construction Kit BDCK 1.1 -------------------------------------- An editor for classic Boulder Dash I BDCK .BAS Runs editor with empty levels (+) BDCK1 .BAS Loads a level file or creates empty levels in memory, then starts editor BDCK11 .BAS Subset (code duplicate) of BDCK1.BAS. Loads PICT-NEW.BIN, then starts editor (+) BDCK12 .BAS Subset (code duplicate) of BDCK1.BAS. Creates empty levels in memory, then starts editor (+) BDCK2 .BAS Loads a level file and saves a custom game, then starts Boulder Dash BDCK21 .BAS Subset (code duplicate) of BDCK2.BAS. Cannot run directly. (+) BDCK3 .BAS The editor. Cannot run directly. BDCK4 .BAS Transfers original Boulder Dash from tape to disk. Creates BOMC.BIN and PICTURES.BIN BDCK41 .BAS Subset (code duplicate) of BDCK4.BAS. Recreates PICTURES.BIN from BOMC.BIN (+) BDCK5 .BAS Creates binary BDCK5.BIN BDCK5 .BIN Graphics BDCK6 .BAS Creates binary BDCK6.BIN BDCK6 .BIN RSX commands BOMC .BIN Original Boulder Dash HELP .BAS Instructions (+) PICT-NEW.BIN Empty levels PICTURES.BIN Original Boulder Dash Levels (*) (+) added in version 1.1 (*) NOTE: You have to delete at least one level to free some memory before you can edit any level! Looks like every bit in the file is used ;-) History ------- BDCK 1.0 -------- by Andreas Rost, Happy Computer 6/1988 (German version w/o online help, not self-explaining: you have to read the whole article) typed in by Peter Meier with little help from FineReader Fixed typos / annoyances ************************ No blank after DATA (bdck1.bas:350-370, bdck4.bas:125) No blank after DEFINT (bdck3.bas:30) Wrong filename (bdck2.bas:30,305,400) Dead code after RETURN/END (bdck1.bas:530, bdck2.bas:400, bdck3.bas:3410) Undocumented feature: Save custom runnable game file (bdck2.bas:305) The listings bdck5.bas and bdck6.bas were mixed!!! (beginning at line 680) You have to save your level to disk and then load it again to play it, although it is still in memory. Possibly unreachable code (bdck2.bas:400) Joystick supported to move cursor, but not to change line length with SHIFT (fixed in 1.1) <TAB> key in editor does nothing (unfixed even in 1.1) Discussible features ******************** RAM disk support Full support for Vortex RAM Disk: ùM, ùMD, ùDLOGIN Partial support for Drive C RAM disk (Happy Computer 10/1987): ùC (not all files converted, will not work without further adaptations, see magazine article) Load/save levels from/to memory No, this is not the same as a RAM disk... (A RAM disk behaves like a drive) NOTE: I left both features untouched. Even in version 1.1. Although I always have to confirm "I want to load from disk, not from memory!!!" BDCK 1.1 -------- by Peter Meier 2/2013 (English version with online help, self explaining) Fixes / improvements ******************** Translated all texts into English (the key codes remain the same) Support joystick to change line length with SHIFT (bdck1.bas:420) Added additional help texts Added note about level names (bdck3.bas:121) Added key 'p' for online helP (bdck3.bas:1070,1235) Added two pages online help text (help.bas) Added note about filename prefix PICT (bdck3.bas:2720) Show "progress bar" while initializing levels (bdck1.bas:211) Reduced interactions: Don't ask for a filename before the editor is started: bdck11.bas) Don't ask for a filename before the game is started: bdck21.bas) Don't ask for infinite lives before the game is started: bdck21.bas) Don't ask to save a custom game before the game is started: bdck21.bas) Always use color screen (bdck3.bas:3240) Removed dead code after RETURN/END Disabled <DEL> key (bdck3.bas:1250) Support lowercase key 'q' (bdck3.bas:1230) Catch file not found error (bdck3.bas:2720) Catch disk missing error (bdck3.bas:360) Use ùdir instead of cat, otherwise the selected drive is ignored (bdck3.bas:360) TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: My intention was to keep 1.0 and 1.1 diff'able.

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