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Quickcmd v1.0

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QuickCMD 1.0 1) What is QuickCMD ? QuickCMD is a new software layer running on top of the original AmsDOS provided by Amstrad. Its aim is to provide a faster way to launch programs. The idea actually come from a fact about my own usage of a CPC : most of the times, I turn on my computer to execute a CAT/RUN commands. I thought there was rooms to improve that process, by providing: - a really fast text output (really appreciated for discs containing lots of files) - no need to type RUN" prefix anymore, simply typing a filename is required to execute a file - faster approach to execute a file : even if Shift+Arrows + copy/paste a filename + Control+LeftArrow + Control+Enter is handy to fast-launch files after a CAT command, I found myself more efficient to uniquely deal with program's filename - autocompletion : just type F then I letters then TAB key ; if FILENAME.BIN exists on disc then it will be automatically completed ! - fully compatible with the system : you can launch BASIC as BINARY files the same way, you can quit to BASIC then getting back to QuickCMD, DIR command also supports Cat'Art, etc. Also, QuickCMD also features.. - extensible command system : instead of type a filename to launch, you can also specify a Resident System eXtension (RSX) ! By example, to launch HxC Floppy Emulator Manager, instead of getting back to BASIC and type |HXC, you just have to enter HXC as any other command. - respect the system : if an external command use the classic char output routine (&BB5A), then its output will be merged to QuickCMD's user interface. This is possible thanks to usage of hardware scrolling provided by the system. - handy shortcuts : pressing two times TAB key acts as a DIR, ESC two times acts as a quick exit to BASIC, etc. - history management ! It's working like MSDOS's DOSKEY does (use up/down keys) - auto-launch. When QuickCMD is installed on your system, it will get launched automatically after all other ROMs will get properly initialized - not intruisive : credits are voluntary kept hidden behind ABOUT command ; the aim is to provide a neutral program, not a front-end for personal advertising or whatever - clean, efficient and simple Z80 implementation using a mix of C and assembly programming language 2) What QuickCMD isn't QuickCMD is NOT a new OS, it's a layer on top of the system providing faster usage of a CPC. I personnaly feel this approach more respectful to the system than some other available alternatives. Also, if it lacks some features you need, simply get back to BASIC as you ever did previously! Or extend QuickCMD with new RSXs ! 3) The available commands A: or B: select drive A: or B: ABOUT displays information about the program BASIC exit to BASIC CLS clear screen DIR displays directory content (also auto-handles Cat'Art) INFO displays info about specified file RESET restart computer ROMS displays installed ROMS RSX execute RSX RUN execute program (BINARY of BASIC) USER define current user (value from 0 to 15, or 229) Typing a RSX name of filename as a command acts as a RSX or RUN Use UP/DOWN keys to move through history (DOSKEY-like) Use ENTER (two times) to clear screen (CLS) Use TAB to autocomplete (with filename on disc) Use TAB (two times) to display directory's content (DIR) Use ESC to clear current line Use ESC (two times) to exit to BASIC 4) Contact Don't hesitate to contact me (NoRecess) if you have suggestions or if you are experiencing issues with QuickCMD ! Simply visit www.norecess.net and gets into the Contact section ! 5) Credits Idea, programming : NoRecess System stuff & help : Kevin Thacker a.k.a. arnoldemu Using incredible fast char output from Prodatron! 6) The end The end. :)

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