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Everyone's A Wally - Meet The Gang
Everyone's a Wally Walkthrough

The following walkthrough is designed to do exactly that, walk you through the game without leaving you guessing or confused at any point. You will however need to know the names of the various screens in the game, though by and large the names are obvious e.g. the Library is in Reference Road, the Garage is in Motor Way. The order in which I have laid out the tasks to be completed is the order in which you will need to change characters the least number of times. As you will see from the notes I make throughout the walkthrough there are a number of tasks which cannot be completed until other tasks have been completed first. Dick is the only character who can complete all of his tasks without another character completing another task first (other than taking the Letter E to the safe), so I start the walkthrough with Dick

1)At the start of the game change to Dick.
2)Get the Plunger from the Post Office and the Monkey Nuts from the Bakers.
3)Go to the Zoo and swap the Monkey Nuts for the Monkey Wrench
4)Return to the Town Square and jump up the fountain to stand on the same level as the statue (this is the fourth level not the third). The fountain will now start working
5)Get the Gas Mask (should still be in the Bank at this stage of the game) and go to the Cave (left of the Sewer, be careful of the shark, note that the Cave is full of gas at this stage hence the need for the Gas Mask)
6)In the Cave ignore the Letter R at this stage and pick up the Leaking Pipe, making sure that you are not going to drop the Gas Mask in the process
7)To leave the Cave without getting killed by the shark in the Sewer, go to the far right of the Cave and start pressing keys 1,2,3 and 5 to see where the other characters are. Keep pressing these keys until you see that one of the characters has entered the Sewer. Now quickly walk right into the Sewer and immediately change to the other character. Dick will then walk past the shark under the computers control unharmed. Once Dick is past the shark take control of him again
8)Get the Patch, which hopefully is still in the Sewer, and drop the Leaking Pipe on the workbench in the Workshed
9)Get the Chewing Gum and still carrying the Patch, return to the Workshed and provided the Leaking Pipe is still on the workbench walk past the vice on the right hand end of the workbench
10)Pick up the Pipe which should now be patched
11)Get the Gas Mask again and return to the Cave
12)Return the Patched Pipe to its original position (you have now repaired the gas main, note the flame in Motor Way will now disappear, and the Cave is no longer full of gas, you may safely drop the Gas Mask once the Patched Pipe is back in place) then pick up the Letter R, but do not take this to the safe in the Bank yet
13)Change to Wally
14)Get the Bucket and the Sand
15)Walk past the fountain in the Town Square carrying the Bucket to fill it (note that you cannot fill the Bucket until the fountain is repaired)
16)Walk past the Cement in front of the cement mixer in Pete Street carrying the Full Bucket and the Sand, and the Sand will swap for the Cement
17)Get the Trowel, go to Wall Street and still carrying the Cement walk past the pile of bricks to build a wall.
18)Get the Broken Hook from the crane in the Docks then get the Superglue
19)Go to the Workshed and drop the Broken Hook on the workbench
20)Walk past the vice on the right hand end of the workbench carrying the Superglue
21)Pick up the Hook which should now be working and return it to the crane in the Docks (you have now repaired the crane)
22)Change to Wilma
23)Get Book 1 (in the School) and find Book 2
24)Go to the Library and swap Book 1 for the Jump Leads and Book 2 for the Bunsen Burner (these will be needed by other characters later)
25)Get Book 3 return to the Library and swap it for the Letter B
26)Take the Letter B to the safe in the Bank. The Letter B will now appear on the wall in the Bank
27)Get the Parcel and the Rubber Stamp
28)Take these to the Post Office and walk past the counter on the far left of the screen. The Parcel will now be stamped
29)Go to the Docks and swap the Stamped Parcel for the Letter E (note that this task cannot be completed until the crane is repaired)
30)Tom must take the Letter R to the safe in the Bank then afterwards Dick must take the Letter E. This can now be done since Wilma has already taken the Letter B or you may leave this until a later stage
31)Change to Tom
32)Get the Bunsen Burner and the Empty Bottle
33)Drop the Bunsen Burner in the left hand object space in the Laboratory, then get the Matches
34)Return to the Laboratory and drop the Empty Bottle in the right hand object space
35)Walk past the Bunsen Burner - don't pick it up - (assuming it's still where you left it) carrying the Matches and the chemical apparatus will fill the Bottle with goodness knows what (note that this task cannot be completed until the gas main has been repaired)
36)Take the Full Bottle to the Pub and swap it for the Money on the bar
37)Get the Empty Oil Can then carrying the Money go to the Garage and walk past the oil containers on the far right of the screen. The Oil Can should now be full
38)Take the Full Oil Can to the Supermarket and oil the trolley on the far right of the screen by walking up to it (careful, it starts moving and will drain your energy once you have oiled it)
39)Get the Flat Battery out of the fork lift truck in Wall Street and drop it in a convenient spot
40)Change to Harry
41)Get the Letter A from the Supermarket by jumping on to the trolley (which has to be done just right but you can ride on the trolley once you are on it) then on to the counter, and take it to the safe in the Bank
42)Go to one of the phone boxes (there are two, one next to the Post Office and one next to the Library)
43)Stand directly in front of the phone box and press jump
44)You will now enter an asteroids game with lightning bolts for asteroids. Play the asteroids game until you hear a short ditty, then exit the game by entering one of the two red squares on the screen which correspond to the two phone boxes. (Playing the asteroids game makes the lightning bolts in School Lane move around the whole screen rather than just around the pylon)
45)Get the Good Insulator and the Screwdriver
46)Go to School Lane, jump up the pylon and swap the Good Insulator for the Cracked Insulator. The electricity supply is now repaired
47)Get the Jump Leads and the Flat Battery
48)Go to the Garage and walk past the green battery on the floor. The Battery will now be charged (note that this task cannot be completed until the electricity supply has been repaired)
49)Drop the Charged Battery
50)To earn extra cash at the end of the game for Harry, though this is not essential to complete the game, get the Blown Fuse and the Fuse Wire to Rewire the Fuse. Note that you must be in the Butchers in order to Rewire the Fuse
51)Change to Tom
52)Get the Charged Battery and return it to the fork lift truck in Wall Street. The fork lift is now working
53)Change to Wally
54)Step on to the fork lift and allow it to lift you to the level of the top of the wall (note that you must stand in exactly the right spot for the fork lift to lift you, you will need to play around a little) then jump across on to the wall
55)Collect the Letter K and take it to the safe in the Bank to complete the game

General Notes

Combination to the safe

The letters of the combination to the safe are B, R, E, A and K and must be taken to the safe in the Bank by the following characters in the following order:

B: Wilma
R: Tom
E: Dick
A: Harry
K: Wally

Shark Chase

As you will already have found, if you attempt to complete certain tasks without carrying the correct objects, e.g. entering the Zoo without the Monkey Nuts, attempting to repair the electricity supply with the wrong objects or with a character other than Harry, attempting to repair the fountain with the wrong objects or a character other than Dick, or going to the safe with no letter or the wrong letter for the character you are controlling, the ground opens up beneath you and you fall into an alley where you have to quickly alternate the controls for left and right to escape the shark which will chase and kill you if you are not fast enough. Follow the walkthrough exactly to avoid this fate

Object Locations

Obviously the locations of objects change throughout the game as other characters pick them up and drop them, however below is a list of objects and their location at the start of the game
Object / Location
Battery (Flat) ; Wall Street
Book 1 ; School
Book 2 ; Supermarket
Book 3 ; Workshed
Bottle (Empty) ; Carried by Wilma
Bucket (Empty) ; Garage
Bunsen Burner ; Library
Can of Beans ; Carried by Dick
Cement ; Pete Street
Chewing Gum ; Laboratory
Cracked Insulator ; School Lane
Fuse ; Butchers
Fuse Wire ; Carried by Wally
Gas Mask ; Bank
Good Insulator ; Carried by Wilma
Hook (Broken) ; Docks
Jump Leads ; Library
Letter A ; Supermarket
Letter B ; Library
Letter E ; Docks
Letter K ; Wall Street
Letter R ; Cave
Matches ; Workshed
Money ; Pub
Monkey Nuts ; Bakers
Monkey Wrench ; Zoo
Oil Can (Empty) ; Carried by Wally
Parcel ; Wally's House
Patch ; Sewer
Pipe (Leaking) ; Cave
Pliers ; Carried by Harry
Plunger ; Post Office
Red Herring ; Carried by Tom
Rubber Stamp ; Carried by Dick
Sand ; Park
Screwdriver ; Station
Superglue ; Laboratory
Test Tube ; Carried by Tom
Trowel ; Workshed
Whistle ; Carried by Harry

Convenient points to drop items

A good point to note is that the characters under the computers control will NEVER pick up an item that is either in the Butchers, the Park, the School, or on the Supermarket counter (only accessible once the trolley has been oiled) so if you are at a point in the game where you need to drop an item and need to know it will not be moved try dropping it in one of these locations


Below is a list of the food types available in the game, where they are found and whose favourite each food type is. Note that if a character eats their favourite food type their energy is completely restored, though lives lost (the yellow hearts above the energy bar) cannot be restored.
Food Type / Location / Favourite of
Burger ; Bakers ; Wally
Chicken Leg ; Pub ; Dick
Jar? (no idea what really) ; Butchers ; Tom
Pear ; Wally's House ; Harry
Sandwich ; Workshed ; Wilma

Not all of the food types are available at the same time, if there is a pattern as to what appears when, I don't know what it is!


A point to note regarding nasties in the game (e.g. stamps in the Post Office, toast in the Bakers) is that the game remembers where the nasties are when you leave a screen, so that when you re-enter the screen the nasties are exactly where you left them. Bear this in mind when you leave a screen and try not to leave them in a position where they will get you as soon as you enter the screen on your next visit. (This does not apply to Herbert or the Pogo Stick both of which roam all of the screens freely) (James Rushton - brand new tip!)
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