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The Sword Of Ianna

Last Update : Thursday 02 June 2022 at 21 h 23

CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



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1 player

Evil has awoken.

After centuries of calm, peace has abandoned the steppes of Dasht-e Kavir and Dashr-e Lut. Orcs, dark knights and other evil creatures ambush and attack travelers in the roads, and they even dare to get close to undefended villages. It is rumored that the chimneys from Dal Gurak's tower are smoking again, and the shamans are sharing the news with bated breath, as if they were afraid of making the bad omen come true.

You are Jarkum, a barbarian from the lineage of Arram. Your ancestor Tukaram was chosen by the goddess Ianna to end the darkness created by Asherat, the Lord of Chaos. Now, everything poitnts to a return of the same evil, although you do not dare to say it aloud to avoid attracting bad luck. However, when an old shaman came to your tent, you knew something was going wrong.

You must leave immediately and go to Kashgar. Evil does not rest, and you are our only hope. Our people, once proud and powerful, has become fearful after all these years of peace, and it won't resist the attack from the forces of Chaos. You must go to Kashgar and listen to your ancestors.

- MISC -

* The Sugars 2020-2021 :
Winner of : Best Music & Sound Effects, Best Plot & Storyline
Nominated for : Best Graphics, Best Original Gameplay & Design, Best Artificial Intelligence, Best Overall Game (Game Of The Year)

Besoin du matériel Dandanator pour fonctionner.

L'écran titre est en MODE 0 (16 couleurs) mais possède au final 17 couleurs.
La taille écran du menu principal et du jeu sont inférieure à la normal : CRTC R1 = 32 (au lieu de 40) ; CRTC R6 = 24 (au lieu de 25)

Le menu utilise la technique du Multi-Mode qui permet de mélanger les modes graphiques, ici Mode 0 + Mode 1.

Le jeu est en MODE 1 et via l'utilisation des rasters, permet de dépasser les 4 couleurs par défaut.


The game can be controlled using keyboard or joystick, you can choose which one to use by hitting the Fire button in the main menu.

There are two modes: exploration and fight. Using the special key "FIRE 2" you can switch between modes, and each mode will make our character do different types of movement.


Password : 0CAFECAFE0


Edité par : Retroworks
Programmation : Rafael PARDO alias Spirax
Graphismes : Rafael PARDO alias Spirax, Fco. Javier Velasco alias pagantipaco
Musique : Alberto Jose GONZALEZ alias Joe Mc ALBY
Ecran Titre : Marco Antonio del Campo alias MAC
Critique en anglais : "CPC Game Reviews"
LONGPLAY on Youtube : "Amstrad CPC World"


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