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Les donjons et cavernes sont là, innombrables, les monstres et gardiens sont prêt à vous incendier, les héros qui oseront pénétrer dans cet enfer, devront batailler leur route pour sortir de Dawnssley!

Un certain nombre de clés vous devez trouver, afin d'ouvrir les portes et de retrouver l'humanité.
Les potions et rations sont éparpillées, pour quitter Dawnssley elles doivent être trouvées!

Pour tous les trésors que vous trouverez, utilisez les avec sagesse, mais avec parcimonie et sans avarice!
Soyez fort, soyez rapide, soyez chanceux, soyez avisé, ou dans Dawnssley pour l'éternité vous resterez!

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Jeu en MODE 0 (16 couleurs).

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DAWNSSLEY (c) PJMsoft 1986.RefPJM0003.Released by AUDIOGENIC for the AMSTRAD CPC464/664/6128.ClassificationMulti-user,2D,scrolling arcade/adventure.
DLDAWNSSLEY (c) PJM SEP 1986 by P.J.Machacek.There have been many trends in video games.First we had space games then pacman style games and then platform games.When ULTIMATE came on the scene 4 or 5 years ago they too followed the trends but they also started to write completely new games that followed no5ne of these trends.Then there came ATIC ATAC.ULTIMATE started the trend in 2D arcade/adventures.Then came SABRE WULF.Then nothing for a year.A year in which everyone else was following this new trend with cheap and inferior games.Then in NOV 1984 they gaveP us KNIGHTLORE and started the trend in 3D arcade adventures.Then everyone else started writing 3D games but not as good as ULTIMATE'S.Then there was the scrolling 3D system,there haven't been many ripoffs of that!!!At the time of writing this ULTIMATE haven't released anything for a while.They are obviously working on the next mega-amazing,mind-blowing trend.I believe that the next stage is in multi user arcade adventures,such as this one.It's not as good as i'd have liked but then i'm saving all my ideas.
for something really special that will be more like a DUNGEONS and DRAGONS type game than anything seen before on a home micro.Until about 3 days ago i thought that i was going to be first with this new trend but it turns out that US GOLD are working on home micro versions of the much acclaimed GAUNTLET multi user 'D and D' coin-op arcade machine.I would like to point out,though,that in no way can anything that i have ever written,including this mediocre effort,be compared to anything that ULTIMATE have ever written.That would be a blasphemy.I would like to say,and i could be completely wrong,that there are now signs of progression on our side of this industry outside the 4 walls at ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH-(for the uninitiated ULTIMATE HQ).It looks like other people might now be setting the trends that ULTIMATE have been used to doing for the past few years.It will be interesting to see what their next offerings are!!!Finally i would just like to plug my next game in the series which will really blow your mind.I'd Nalso like to thank ULTIMATE for their inspiration.Thanks also go to DURAN DURAN,ARCADIA,THE POWER STATION,DIRE STRAITS,MIKE OLDFIELD,CHRIS DE BURGH,QUEEN,JEAN MICHEL JARRE,GENESIS and PETER GABRIEL for giving my brain something to do while my fingers mindl-essly tapped away for 3 weeks.Thanks to DARYLL STILL at AUDIOGENIC for showing some interest and offering me the jobs of converting DAWNSSLEY and PSYCASTRIA for various machines.Hi to AL & MARTIN.Thanks to the CEGB for not cutting out on me,to AMSTRAD for pa brill micro,to ARNOR for the brill MAXAM on ROM,and to STEPHEN KING for brill books.(c) 27/9/1986.

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