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TRIO Programs and music by Reid Baird. The programs are recorded on both sides of the tape in the following order: Sam goes shopping Tables test Computer Snap! To load the first program on the cassette, rewind the tape to the beginning, press CTRL and small ENTER, then press play on the tape. CPC 664/6128 users should first type | tape (shift and @) then ENTER. As soon as the first program has loaded, stop the tape. With the exception of rewinding the tape, use the same procedure to load the second and third programs when you want to. The first time you load the programs it would be advisable to reset the counter on your recorder and note where the second and third programs begin for easy access in future. RUNNING THE PROGRAMS Sam goes shopping For older children and adults this is a test of memory. It also teaches younger children which shops sell different kinds of goods. With parents' help, the very young can enjoy simply exploring the streets, entering shops and identifying and collecting items from the shelves. Once you have entered your name you are presented with a shopping list. At first it consists of just one item. Then as you progress the list gets longer. Memorise the list, then decide which shops are most likely to sell the items. To buy an object simply enter the shop and approach the item. If you collect an unwanted item by mistake, the program tells you what you should have bought, then presents you with a new list. If you want to start with a new list at any time, press the Q key to quit. Tables test This game takes the drudgery out of learning tables. You choose a particular table to practice or a selection at random. Choose a speed from 'snail' slow to 'lightning' fast. If you want to change the speed in the middle of the exercise, press the Q key to reselect and start again. You can change the table to be tested and/or change the speed at the end of each round. Computer snap! This is a computer version of the popular card game. You can play either against the computer or against another player. Once you have selected the speed you want, your 'cards' are dealt. The left hand player uses the z key, the right hand player the \ key. If you are the first to register a snap. You win the cards on the table. If you register an incorrect snap, your opponent wins the cards. The winner is the first to win all sixty cards. Should you wish to change the speed mid-game, press the Q key to restart. Program © 1986 Neil Baird. Packaging and documentation © 1986 Macmillan Ltd. All rights reserved. All forms of copying or reproduction without permission of the copyright owner sis illegal. This product may not be offered for hire or loan. Published 1986 by Macmillan Software, an imprint of Macmillan Information Systems Ltd, 4 Little Essex Street, London, WC2R 3LF. 01-836-6633.

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