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Kong Strikes Back


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Kong Strikes Back ----------------- All the fun of the fair and the fury of Kong as he strikes back with Roller Coasters, Waltzers, Swinging Gyms and Hobby Horses in this action packed extravaganza. PLAYING Guide your man up the fairground track to rescue the damsel in distress who is waiting for you at the top of the track and is guarded by the mighty Kong. You must avoid the Roller Coaster cars or you will be knocked off the track and lose a life. You must also avoid other obstacles such as pies and springs. You may stop the cars by bombing them. If your bonus time reaches zero you lose a life. CONTROLS The game works with most types of joystick interface and also has user-definable key controls. Push the joystick to go up the ladders. Press the FIRE button to release the bomb. POINTS After completing each level the player scores the amount of half the remaining time. Bombing car - 300 pts. Ladder bonuses - 200 pts. Bombing pies or springs - 100 pts. The player gains an extra life and an extra bomb for making all the "BONUS" letters spin. The word "BONUS" appears on every screen when one letter will be highlighted. Every few seconds that letter will return to normal and another letter will be highlighted. If the player collects the ladder bonuses the highlighted letter will begin to spin. When all letters are spinning the player gains an extra life and bomb. The word "BONUS" will then return to normal. Kong Strikes Back is one of many exciting games from Ocean Software. Ocean Software Limited, Ocean House, Manchester. PRODUCED BY D.C. WARD (C) 1984 Ocean Software Limited.

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