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© Loriciels (1987)
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Mach 3

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Real size : 735 * 348 px = 46.66 Ko

Manual n° 2

Here at last ! The game for the super heroes amongst you... A fantastic arcade game in which you must reluctantly leave the beautiful Gwendoline behind and go and fight the monstrous Sfax. Sfax is a mutant sorcerer from the Red Planet who has cast an evil spell over your ravishing companion, who is now dying a slow and cruel death. You have no choice but to go beyond the portals of space and time in order to find this evil sorcerer, the physical embodiment of Sfax, and to destroy him ! Wait no more. Take charge of your super vessel... Controls S, X, B, N Spacebar = Fire Esc = Pause/Quit game 1 (numeric keypad) = reverse controls 0 (numeric keypad) = normal controls (C) 1987 LORICIELS All Rights Reserved Manufactured in France

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