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The CPM Plus - FAST LOADER v1.4

Last Update : Friday 30 September 2016 at 21 h 33

Manual n° 1

The CP/M Plus - FAST LOADER (v1.4) with fast Mode 2 Character-Output Start CPM by RUN"C from Drive A or B, from a disc with Data or System-format !! hint: Input 'RUN"C' as follows: a) 'C' b) < Cursor left > c) < CTRL > + < ENTER > (small Enter-Key) Improvements comparing to the last version: If you copy this installation, you needn't pay attention to the correct order of the C10CPM3.EMS-blocks any more. This file is now loaded by block-loading, the patches are set (Mode 2 Character-Output, Drive set) and CP/M Plus starts ... from a system or data-formatted disk ! Marco Vieth, Dezember 1990

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