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Utilities Unlimitted

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------------------------- Utilities Unlimitted (C) Amstrad Computer User ------------------------- ELITE Hack Programs ------------------- CHARDES.BAS - Elite Caracter Designer This program allows you to alter/create your very own character specification in the disc version of Elite. That is, you are able to alter the Commanders Legal status, Rating etc. DISCHACK.BAS - Elite Disc Hack Load this program, insert your ELITE disc into the drive then type RUN. The program will load ELITE and poke several locations to make the game easier to play. For example it will give you INFINITE FUEL and MISSILES plus many more functions. Double height print subroutine - September 1985 ------------------------------ DOUBLE.BAS Add this to your Basic programs to give a double height print RSX. The Subroutine corrupts the last two characters of the character set and is not compatible with some roms. To use the RSX just add the line |DPRINT,@a$ Where a$ contains the string of text. High Resolution Screen Dump --------------------------- DUMP-1.BAS Screen dump program for Epson compatible dot-matrix printers. Animator Programs - April 1986 ----------------- ANIMCODE.BAS Animator code generator. This program creates machine code for use with DEMO.BAS and DESIGNER.BAS. DESIGNER.BAS Animator frame designer program. DEMO.BAS Animator demo program. FRAMER.BAS Frame animation execution program. Chord Finder - September 1985 ------------ CHORD.BAS Learn the difference between a suspended and flattened chord. Jet Set Willy Hack Programs --------------------------- JSW1.BAS Simple, quick program for use with the software projects version of Jet Set Willy II - The final frontier. Will not work with the compilation versions. JSW2.BAS As above but includes a teleport. RSX Lister ---------- LISTRSX.BAS List all RSX's including those which have been soft loaded. Mode 3 - January 1986 ------ MODEPROG.BAS Mode 3 RSX Driver - This is mode 0 with 4 colours in only 8K. Organ ----- ORGAN.BAS The Noble Organ - Turn your micro into an Organ. Justins Scroll -------------- SCROLL.BAS Discover how the experts program a scrolling landscape. SCR-CODE.BIN Sorcery Plus Hack Programs - January 1986 -------------------------- REVEAL.BAS Program to reveal files SPRITES1 and SPRITES2 on the disc directory. SECTMESS.BAS Read/Write Routine code. SORCHACK.BAS Program to alter or restore parts of Sorcery Plus. SPRTEDIT.BAS Sprite Editor for the above program. Trace - December 1986 ----- TRACE.BAS Re-direct the (TRON) trace output to a window or the printer. Printer Spooler --------------- SPOOLER.BAS Carry on using your printer while your printer is still working with this printer spooler program. Amgraph - November 1985 ------- AMGRAPH.BAS Produce bar graphs, pie charts from a table of numbers. Diary - May 1985 ----- DIARY.BAS Roland's Diary Program. Keep track of all your important dates. MAKEMC.BAS Produces code for DIARY.BAS (already on the disc) Homespread - May 1986 ---------- HOMESPRD.BAS Home Accounts program. Prepare your budget on this simple but flexible spreadsheet. ZX Loader Programs - July 1986 ------------------ ZXLOADER.BAS Load ZX Spectrum binary files into your Amstrad CPC. ZXLOADER.BIN Code required by ZXLOADER.BAS Please note, if you have any difficulty in using some of the programs on this disc you should refer to the appropriate ACU magazine. THE END

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