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LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Reset computer by holding down CTRL, SHIFT and ESC keys together in that order. Place cassette into the Datacorder. Rewind tape to beginning then press STOP/EJECT once. Press CTRL and small ENTER keys simultaneously then press PLAY followed by any key. this program will take about 8½ minutes to load. Even Wallys have to sleep, the trouble is being a Wally, nightmares are more troublesome than you would think. Sweet dreams, Wally! NO CHANCE. Being a Wally, nightmares are more common than Pleasant dreams, and the one you have entered is the worst ever. Not only are you still looking and acting like a Wally you can't even sleep like normal people, and you are having the daddy of all nightmares. OK Wally, don't just lie there suffering in your nightmare do something about it. Well how would you normally wake yourself up? That's right, with an alarm clock. No problem, or is it? Just find the clock, wind it up and your nightmare is over. Parts of your nightmare may repeat themselves, respeat themselves, repeat themselves. Of course being a nightmare and you being a Wally things ain't gonna be easy. For a start everything seems larger than life, so even everyday objects somehow present difficulties. And being a Wally, you may find it harder to release yourself from your predicament. Parts of your nightmare may repeat themselves, repeat themselves, repeat themselves. You may be totally incapable of working out what order to collect things, use them, or even what you need to use. Can't help you there, Wally, but if you want to wake up you've got to keep trying. Parts of your nightmare may repeat themselves, repeat themselves, repeat themselves. Go straighten your cap, tighten your pyjama cord, slip into your slippers and get moving. Wally really is in trouble this time. He has fallen asleep and in his nightmare everything is enlarged to may times its normal size. To release himself from torment he must find the alarm clock and wind it up. This is nowhere near as simple as it may sound because many objects are needed to achieve different tasks which will become apparent as the game progresses. In many cases a particular object will be needed in order to collect or use another one to satisfy a certain task. A seemingly impossible action may merely require a different approach or object. Only two objects can be carried at one time. To change an object, pass over the one required and it will b e exchanged automatically (to avoid exchange, jump over the unwanted object). There are many rooms in the house and a wide variety of 'distractions' to overcome. Keys will be required to open some doors, to open others, just jump at the handle. Even though you are asleep, energy is also a factor in this game. At the top of the screen you will see a glass of milk with 'Snooze Energy'. A short while after the start of the programme this will begin to decrease. It will also decrease if you are hit by an object or you hit an object. To replenish this lost energy there are items of food in the house, which will appear singly, and in different locations. Once one has been consumed the next will appear elsewhere, but always in the same location. When your Snooze Energy has run out 3 times, losing 3 lives, you will have to start the game again. KEYS O = LEFT P = RIGHT SPACE BAR = JUMP or Amsoft Joystick JY1 © COPYRIGHT MICRO-GEN - 1984

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