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Tristam Island

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TRISTAM ISLAND By Hugo Labrande Manual for : Amstrad CPC version ================================= After crashing your plane at sea, you end up drifting to a small island, with not much to survive. You explore, and find out the island was inhabited, years ago. But why did the people leave? And why is there a fence around that big building at the top of the hill? ================================= HOW TO PLAY - Insert the disk in your Amstrad CPC (or your emulator). - Start the system. - Type |cpm. - The game then starts. Example of inputs recognized by the game are: go east, examine sky, inventory, enter ocean, take pebble, open matchbook. Around 100 verbs are recognized by the game. There are no built-in hints in the game (there just isn't the space!), so I encourage you to ask other players for help! If you encounter a bug, or if a sensible command wasn't recognized, or if you want to give me any sort of feedback, don't hesitate to send me an email : hugo at hlabrande dot fr. ================================== MANY THANKS TO - Infocom, creators of the Z-Machine and of so many awesome adventure games that we're still using their tools 40 years after; - Graham Nelson, creator of Inform 6 - Andrew Plotkin, for his hard work and dedication to fixing the Inform 6 compiler's bugs that had prevented z3 releases for years; - Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson, for the amazing PunyInform library, and many optimizations - My testers: Brennen Kinch, Grimmnebulin, Jack Welch, Juhana Leinonen, Mark Walker; - Stefan Vogt, for his help setting up many ports of this game, and his detailed answers to my technical questions.

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