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Run The Gauntlet
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RUN THE GAUNTLET "RUN THE GAUNTLET" - T.V. competition spectacular Compete as one of the teams in the "Run The Gauntlet" contest. Your task is to win a whole programme from the spectacular T.V. series with all the exciting events included - battle to retain control of fast moving craft on land and water; power up the assault course dodging explosions, and keep ahead of the competition pacers; enough ahead to win that most coveted of trophies.... Run The Gauntlet. THE CHALLENGE The "Run The Gauntlet" challenge is divided into three events which are picked at random from the many in store. Each event consists of three segments which can be either on land, water or the hill (assault course). Complete the challenge with the best score and you'll be awarded the "Run the Gauntlet" trophy. The vehicles you will be competing with are fast and exciting. VEHICLE CHARACTERISTICS HOVERCRAFT - TRICKY TO HANDLE SPEEDBOATS - VERY FAST AND MANOEUVRABLE JET SKIS - FAST WITH VERY TIGHT TURNS INFLATABLES - MODERATE SPEED METEORS - VERY FAST 2 MAN BUGGY BUGGYS - FAST 1 MAN BUGGY QUADS - FAST 4 WHEEL BIKES SUPERCATS - AMPHIBIOUS 6 WHEEL ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE LOADING Cassette - CPC 464 Place the rewound cassette in the deck, type RUN" and then press ENTER/RETURN key. Follow the instructions as they appear on screen. If there is a disk drive attached then type |TAPE. then press ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key. (The symbol | is obtained by holding shift and pressing the @ key). Cassette - CPC 664 and 6128 Connect a suitable cassette tape recorder ensuring that the correct leads are attached as defined in the User instructions Booklet. Place the rewound tape in the cassette recorder and type |TAPE then press ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key follow the instructions as they appear on screen. NOTE - AMSTRAD 64k This is a multi-load game, follow on screen instructions. You will be told when to play or rewind tape to load the different sections. N.B.: Do not stop tape unless told to do so. Loading could take several minutes due to each event being selected randomly. Disk Insert the program disk into the drive with the A side facing upwards. Type |CPM and press ENTER/RETURN to make sure the machine can access the disk drive. Leave the disc in the drive as the game will find sections as it requires them. GAMEPLAY AND CONTROLS CONTROL KEYS SPC or 0 - FIRE Q - LEFT W - RIGHT P - UP L - DOWN H - PAUSE GAME or use a joystick. THE GAMES Up to three players can compete together with one pacer team. If less than three players compete there will be two pacer teams. Each team takes turns to race against two pacers in each segment of the events. SELECTING TEAMS For each player (up to three) Press up/down to highlight the team you require. Press fire to take the team You must select at least one team. You may start the game with less than three players by pressing fire when 'start' is highlighted. After team selection the organisers will pick three events at random to form your 'Run The Gauntlet Challenge'. Details of the craft used in each event will also be shown. WATER COURSE Craft Types:- Hovercraft, Speedboats, Jet Skis, Inflatables. Each craft has a different course to navigate. Press up to accelerate and left/right to rotate the craft in either direction. Your position on the course is indicated by a flashing point on the map. The other two points are the pacer positions. The route you should take is indicated by a dotted line on the map. Hints and Tips * Overtaking pacers is best done by taking corners tightly or by out powering them on straights. * Try not to crash into any islands or obstacles as this can be disastrous! * Beware of underwater explosions. OFF ROAD COURSE Craft Types:- Meteors, quads, buggys, supercats Hints and Tips * Keep an eye on the map to anticipate where bends and hills are. * Overtaking is best done on the straights. * Watch out for ground blasts (explosions). The Hill (Assault Course) This course comprises rough ground, slippery logs, water holes, climbing nets, hills, water cannons and explosions! Control of the player depends on position on the course. Normal Ground (Running) Press left/right without fire to move left/right. Press fire and up to jump over logs/walls etc. Hold fire and waggle left/right to increase power. In The Water You must sway left and right to advance through water or mud. Press left to sway to the left. Press right to sway to the right. You must sway fully to each side in turn to make any progress! On The Climbing Net To make the player climb you must repeat the following sequence RIGHT/LEFT/DOWN/UP Each correct position moves part of the body up. Hints and Tips * Keep an eye on your power meter as this also relates to your speed. * Try to keep to a rhythm when in the water or on the net. SCORING Each segment is timed, you total time for the three segments is rated and the following points awarded. 1st Place 20 points 2nd 15 points 3rd 10 points 4th 5 points Any player finishing last will be disqualified. RUN THE GAUNTLET It's program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Ocean Software Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Ocean Software Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY DEVELOPED AND MANUFACTURED TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LOADING. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program and believe that the product is defective, please return it direct to: Mr Yates, Ocean Software Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester M2 5NS. Our quality control department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement if we find a fault. If we cannot find a fault the product will be returned to you at no charge. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights. CREDITS Coding by Mark Rogers and Chris Kerry Graphics by Steve Kerry Music by Chris Kerry (C) 1989 Ocean Sottware Limited Produced by D C Ward (C) Creative Action Limited

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