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Sergeant Seymour Robotcop

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SERGEANT SEYMOUR ROBOTCOP ------------------------- Join Sergeant Seymour's latest block bustin' ROBOT COP movie. Splat the villains in over 30 amazing action packed levels with bolt on bionic bits. Enforce the law like never before. Seymour's latest film see's him starring in a grim city of the future... The streets are a dangerous place. Gang warfare is rife. Even the toughest of cops find them a nightmare. Enter Sergeant Seymour Robot Cop. He's mean, he's clean, he's the all new ENFORCEMENT MACHINE... An almost fatal accident could have forced the world's most famous cop into early retirement. But with the miracle of modern surgery and the very latest advancements in bionic engineering, he's back on the payroll with a few added improvements! Seymour is equipped with bionic limbs, by using his special stretching arms he can reach out and make arrests from vast distances. Or he can use his 'cuff gun. This fires streams of handcuffs which can arrest the hoodlums. The zzap-o-kill is recommended but only in extreme circumstances. It is extremely effective! Controls -------- Move Joystick Keys Up Up Q Down Down A Left Left O Right Right P Use weapon Fire Space When using the extandable arm keep the fire button pressed to extend the arm further. With the cuff gun, the cuffs will be more potent if you keep your finger on the fire button longer before releasing. Aim of the game --------------- Each level is played as a single screen maze viewed from above. Seymour has to clear each level of henchmen and their Bosses. Once all henchmen have been arrested the Boss is automatically destroyed. As each henchman is arrested he releases special bonuses. Grab these for extra points. Some henchmen may take a couple of hits to subdue. Answer the telephone to call the SWAT team! For a special bonus stage, collect the letter tiles and spellout ROBOTCOP. Collect the blue light, it will protect you for one hit. The rainbow tile is a special speed circuit which increases the performance of SERGEANT SEYMOUR'S BIONIC legs. That's it folks. And remember, be Careful out there... Hints & Tips ------------ * The stretching arm goes further if you keep fire pressed. * The Cuff gun can be POWERED UP by keeping fire pressed. * Watch out! Some of the hoods throw apples and cans at you. If they hit you you will be stunned. * You can arrest stunned baddies by just walking over them. But be careful they may only be pretending. * Keep clear of BOMBS!

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