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Skateboard Kidz

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Skateboard Kidz --------------- Put your board and trucks through the punishment in this skate spectacular! The Game: The object of the game is to collect parts of the bronze, silver and gold skateboards, by collecting the letters S, K, A, T, and E as you skate your way around town. To collect the letters you must jump over them by hitting the ramps. But look out, too slow or too fast and you'll wipe out! Next, do your good deed by clearing up the garbage, give it to the old lady and she'll reward you with a bonus. Then! Race against the dude, dodging pot holes, cats, dustbins and cars to become the top Skateboard Kid. Playing The Game: You may redefine the keys or use a joystick. (C) ANDREW ROGERS Silverbird Software, Oxford Street, London Silverbird and the Silverbird logo are registered trademarks of British Telecommunications plc.

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