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T-Bird Amstrad-Schneider 464-664-6128 ref : PAL AS15 1989 (c) Mastertronic PROGRAM (c) PAL Developments 1989 English ------- Introducing the latest in personal transportation, The Foourd T-Bird (r). Capable of 0-600 in 5.6 seconds and with a maximum speed of 1346 mph, it is equipped with the new and revolutionary ABS (Automatic Braking System), Megagettoblast In Car Entertainment centre (500 watts per channel) and the ultimate in Anti Traffic Warden bolt on-weaponry. Excerpt from the official Foourd T-Bird Brochure. GAME INFO ********* So there you were, pulling outside your local Foourd dealer in your clapped out Laader 1000L complete with free flowing air intakes, (rust!) for a test drive. However, after taking a wrong turn, you find yourself in the middle of the local alien communities. And they are not too happy about you being there!!! You must fight off the alien attacks against you using only your skill and agility (and the bolt on weaponry sent to you courtsey of Foourd). To collect the weapon that is indicated on the panel, simply run into the pod that comes towards you. A pod is only awarded when all the attaking alien have been destroyed. Weapons include : SPINNER This constantly tops your energy up. SIDE ARM This fires sideways. This will only kill aliens that are directly to the left or right of your ship. HYPERSPACE Makes you invincible for a period of time, destroying all aliens and meteors. EXTRA MISSILE Self explanatory. EXTRA LIFE Self explanatory. Eventually you will reach the end of the alien ghetto and come face to face with the great big mother of a ship that is used by their leader. This will take many hits to destroy it although you cannot use missiles against it. You mak think that all this too much for you puny senses to bear so Foourd, in their ultimate wisdom, have included in the T-Bird an anti-collision shield. However, this only has a limited energy cell and each collision drains it. Pressing space will fire a missile. This will destroy all aliens or meteors on screen. CONTROLS ******** Use Joystick LOADING INSTRUCTIONS ******************** Hit CTRL & small ENTER keys together, Then press PLAY then RETURN. Francais -------- INSTRUCTIONS DE CHARGEMENT ************************** Tapez sur la touche CTRL et sur la petite touche ENTER puis appuyez sur PLAY et RETURN. JEU *** Vous venez d'arriver chez votre concessionnaire Foourd pour essayer la toute derniere Foourd T-Bird. Elle est equipee d'un systeme de freinage automatique, d'une radio- cassette Megaghettoblast et d'armes anti-conctractuels des plus sophistiquees. Pendant votre essai de route, vous prenez la mauvaise direction et vous retrouvez tout d'un coup au beau milieu du territoire des Aliens. Et ils ne sont pas vraiment contents de vous voir!!! Pour vous aider, un certain nombre d'options (offertes par Foourd) sont a votre disposition et vous pouvez les recuperer. Il vous suffit simplement d'emboutir le conteneur d'amres qui se dirige vers vous pour ramasser l'objet indique. Le fait de ne pas ramasser un conteneur fera avancer l'indicateur. COMMANDES ********* Utilisez le joystick. Appuyez sur SPACE pour lancer des missiles.

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