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DURELL software, Castle Lodge, Castle Green, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4AB Telephone (0823) 54489 _____________________________________________________________________________ / \ | | | In this magical game you take control of a dragon, "Thanatos the | | destroyer", whose eternal destiny lies in conflict with the forces of the | | underworld. The dragon which is very large and superbly animated, flies, | | walks, swims, and burns its way through the landscape. It must collect a | | beautiful young enchantress, "Eros", who then rides on its neck and guides | | it through the castles, to collect the book of spells and find the magic | | cauldron. On their way they have to fight fierce knights armed with lances | | and foot-soldiers with long-bows, as well as a variety of wierd | | mythological creatures. The game features fantastic landscapes with a | | totally new panoramic scrolling action. | | | | | | © DURELL SOFTWARE 1986 | | This computer game is sold subject to the condition that it is for home use | | only. All other rights are reserved. Any other unauthorised copying, | | editing, exhibition, renting, exchanging, hiring, lending, public | | performances, diffusion and or broadcast of this game, or any part thereof | | is strictly prohibited. | | | \_____________________________________________________________________________/ THANATOS by Mike Richardson Use joystick or keys LOADING Place cassette in Datacorder, and rewind to start. Switch computer off and then back on again. Hold down the CTRL key and then press the small ENTER key. Press the PLAY key on the Datacorder, and then press the SPACE BAR. STANDARD CONTROLS A Joystick UP HIGHER (or aim up when breathing flame) Z Joystick DOWN LOWER (or aim down when breathing flame) M Joystick RIGHT FASTER going right (or slower going left) N Joystick LEFT SLOWER going right (or faster going left) SPACE Joystick FIRE FIRE flame (or DROP when carrying object) P Pauses game NB: SLOWER + SPACE turns dragon around SKILL LEVEL 1 is easiest Dragon must be moving before it can take-off QUICK START INSTRUCTIONS Fly to the right till you get to a castle, then land and walk up to castle gate. Use flame from close range to burn down gate. If you run out of flame go back and find a witch tied between two stakes and eat her (just walk up to her slowly). This will refill your energy shown by the glass (on the bottom right of the screen). In the first castle land near the girl (who will be waving with both arms - don't mistake her for a soldier!) and allow her to climb onto your neck (ie. just land nearby and wait). Fly onto the next castle. When you find the book of spells, land and let the girl collect them. Fly to the last castle where you will find the cauldron in which the girl can cast her spell. Land nearby. GENERAL PLAYING TIPS You can pick up foreground objects (eg. knights, horses, rocks and soldiers) by flying over them and touching them with your open claw. You can then take them up high and drop them (on other objects, if you wish!) You can also burn foreground objects with your breath. If you get attacked by the knights, dragons, rock falls, etc, your heart (shown on the bottom left of the screen) will beat faster, eventually flickering blue just before you die. To slow down your heart rate you must land and stand still (or walk slowly - especially when in the caves!) without being attacked. To win the game you must carry the girl all the way to the cauldron. If you turn around quickly she may fall off, and you will have to pick her up again. ALTER PLAYING KEYS & JOYSTICKS Use the "Alter Playing Keys" option to select JOYSTICK, STANDARD KEYS, or your own set of control keys (just press the keys of your choice in response to the prompts). SCORE Select the VIEW SCORES option to check your position on the high score table. You score bonus points for wiping out entire attack waves in a single pass, and you get double points for killing the enemy by dropping objects on their heads. OTHER GAMES BY DURELL £9.95 DEEP STRIKE £8.95 SABOTEUR £8.95 TURBO ESPRIT £8.95 COMBAT LYNX (not on disk) Prices include postage and packing. Disks are same price as cassettes when purchased by mail order. Send cheques or Postal Orders to Durell Sales Dept, Castle Lodge, Castle Green, TAUNTON, TA1 4AB, England.

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